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Discussion Papers 2020

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Value-based clinical trials: selecting trial lengths and recruitment rates in different regulatory contexts

Andres Alban, Stephen E. Chick, Martin Forster

(Abstract), ‌2001 (PDF , 976kb) [Paper with full text]

20/02  How to better align the U.K.’s corporate tax structure with national objectives  Peter Spencer, Peter Smith, Paulo Santos Monteiro (Abstract),2002 (PDF , 765kb) [Paper with full text] 
Estimation and Inference in Heterogeneous Spatial Panel Data Models with a Multifactor Error Structure
Jia Chen, Yongcheol Shin, Chaowen Zheng  (Abstract2003 (PDF , 1,482kb) [Paper with full text] 
Coronametrics: The UK turns the corner
Adam Golinski, Peter Spencer (Abstract2004 (PDF , 717kb) [Paper with full text]
Epidemic policy under uncertainty and information
Martin Forster and Emanuela Randon (Abstract2005 (PDF , 702kb) [Paper with full text]
Modeling the Covid-19 Epidemic Using Time Series Econometrics
Adam Golinski and Peter Spencer (Abstract2006 (PDF , 925kb) [Paper with full text]
Assessing the impact of COVID-19 on global fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions

L. Vanessa Smith, Nori Tarui, and Takashi Yamagata

(Abstract2007v2 (PDF , 3,339kb) [Paper with full text]
A Universal Dynamic Auction for Unimodular Demand Types: An Efficient Auction Design for Various Kinds of Indivisible Commodities

Satoru Fujishige and Zaifu Yang

(Abstract2008 (PDF , 678kb)  [Paper with full text]
Analysis of Systematic Risk around Firm-specific News in an Emerging Market using High Frequency Data

Shabir A.A. Saleem, Peter N Smith, Abdullah Yalaman

(Abstract2009 (PDF , 2,226kb)  [Paper with full text]
Testing the predictive accuracy of COVID-19 forecasts

Laura Coroneo, Fabrizio Iacone, Alessia Paccagnini, Paulo Santos Monteiro

(Abstract2010 (PDF , 594kb) [Paper with full text]