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Partnerships that work

A partnership with the University of York enables your business to think and work differently.

Explore the ways our innovative research could help your organisation develop new insights and boost productivity. 

We'll work with you to harness the ability and creativity of our high-calibre students and find out how our training and development programmes could have a real impact on you and your business.

The University of York values working with partners who support our EDI values.

Watch our video on why you should work with us: our enthusiastic staff and students are committed to using our expertise and creativity to solve problems that allow our communities to thrive. We’re ready to work together, so come talk to us!

Working with the University of York

We’ll introduce you to the experts you need for collaborative research. And we’ll point you to talented graduates and training courses to help your business prosper and grow.

Enterprise Works

Our small business gateway provides access to the right people, skills, work spaces, funding and contacts to drive your company forward.

Recruit our talent

We are proud of the high quality of our students and believe their ability, enthusiasm and focus makes them sought-after candidates for companies across the world.


We have high quality facilities and services, including laboratory, engineering, studio and performance spaces.

Collaborative research

We have a strong tradition of collaborative research, knowledge exchange and working across disciplines to solve global problems.


Exceptional professional development and training that makes a real impact on you and your organisation.


We have dedicated, experienced staff working with funders locally, regionally and nationally.

Community relations and social responsibility

The University is deeply embedded in the local communities of North Yorkshire and our values and commitment to the public good have never been more important.

We are proud to be a hub for sharing knowledge, inspiring collaboration and enriching lives.

BioVale Team 2022 Highlights

The BioVale team have produced a short video to showcase their 2022 highlights including:

  • Offering pre-funded business support to over 50 businesses
  • Making new business connections
  • Supporting Entrepreneurship and Start-ups
  • Providing Training workshops
  • Launching a new Industrial Hemp special interest group
  • International Collaborations - the team is the communications partner for a new international project called AgriLoop. This will develop sustainable processes and cascading refineries to convert residues into high-value, eco-friendly products for the food, feed and farming sectors.

Professor James Chong, left, talks to Ben Roche, Director of Waste Water at Yorkshire Water about the System-60 project, a collaboration to gain clean energy from waste water.

Successful partnerships

Our research is strengthening business across Yorkshire, the UK and the world.

We’re helping the UK’s largest utility company, Yorkshire Water, produce clean energy from human waste, we’ve created next-generation microscopes and even helped a local vinegar producer unlock the mysteries of flavour. 

See more case studies