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The University's Central hall is a tiered auditorium that can cater for up to 1190 delegates or attendees.

Parkland setting ideal for conferences

The Berrick Saul building is named after Berrick Saul, Vice-Chancellor at York from 1979 to 1993

Berrick Saul Building, home of the Woolfson Suite

The Biology Department is located on Wentworth Way on the Main Campus at Heslington

Biology Building, home of the Biology Technology Facility and other resources

The 21 acre business park facilitates technology transfer and business development

Vibrant business community

The Seebohm Rowntree building is named after social pioneer, Seebohm Rowntree who is best known for his seminal studies on poverty

Seebohm Rowntree Building, home of the Clinical Simulation Unit

Facilities and services

York has a number of externally-available facilities and services, including laboratory, engineering, studio and performance spaces. This page highlights these facilities and provides links to websites and sources of more information.

About the facilities

  • Green Chemistry Centre of Excellenceoffers opportunities to research, promote, develop and implement green solutions
  • York Health Economics Consortium
    provides consultancy and research in health economics to the NHS and the pharmaceutical and health care industries
  • York JEOL Nanocentre
    offers a facility for electron microscopy, nanoscience and nanolithography
  • York Neuroimaging Centre 
    offers a facility for investigating human brain function using non-invasive imaging techniques
  • York Science Park
    Serviced office and laboratory space on campus for startups and growing businesses, with a range of professional facilities and business support packages.
  • York Trials Unit
    conducts and co-ordinates scientific trials and provides support for external trials