Created to produce ground-breaking research combined with an open access, industry-first approach, the York JEOL Nanocentre is a major collaboration between the University of York and JEOL UK Ltd, the world-leading manufacturer of electron optics.

Flagship facility

Opened in 2007 in a dedicated building on York Science Park, this outstanding facility for electron microscopy, nanoscience and nanolithography draws on the combined resources of the Physics, Electronics and Chemistry departments, and has attracted a team of researchers of international reputation to York. As well as carrying out high quality research, the York JEOL Nanocentre provides rich opportunities for collaboration with industry and external partners.

Industry-leading technology

Offering industry-leading technology, the Centre houses JEOL’s most powerful electron microscope. The £2.5m aberration-corrected Transmission Electron Microscope with one Ångstrom resolution in both TEM and STEM modes is only the third installed world-wide and is the only one to be isolated and remotely controlled in its own vibration-damped pod. This ultra-high resolution instrument will be enhanced further by the introduction of unique facilities for dynamic in-situ experiments.

Dedicated support

A suite of excellent supporting facilities includes:

  • dual beam focused ion beam miller for sample etching and lithography
  • scanning probe microscope for atomic and magnetic force imaging and hot stage experiments
  • high resolution scanning electron microscope with E-beam lithography system
  • high resolution transmission electron microscope with CCD cameras
  • energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (EDS) for microchemical analysis
  • clean room

Dedicated staff are on hand for project management and instrument operation, and many of the instruments can be operated at a reduced cost by trained users. The York JEOL Nanocentre has transparent access and IP policies designed to be attractive to industrial collaborators and is competitively priced.

Find out more

The York JEOL Nanocentre web pages offer additional information about:

  • facilities available
  • industry access to the centre
  • contact details