The Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry was created to increase the accessibility of mass spectrometry and allied techniques to academia and industry. 

The Centre is a joint venture between the Departments of Biology and Chemistry, which has been set up thanks to a major capital investment of £1.6 million through Science City York, supported by Yorkshire Forward with funds from the Northern Way initiative.

Mass Spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool with many applications in biology and chemistry, including:

  • Protein characterisation with applications in therapeutic target discovery and quality control
  • Gas-phase ion chemistry with applications in the discovery and development of novel chemical catalysts
  • Unambiguous compound identification through accurate mass determination of parent and fragmentation ions

Industry-leading technology

A unique combination and breadth of instrumentation and expertise, in collaboration with Bruker Daltonics:

  • 9.4 Tesla FT-MS with ECD and IRMPD
  • Ion traps with CID, ETD, and IR laser irradiation
  • Next-generation, high-resolution maXis Q-TOF
  • Imaging mass spectrometry

Find out more

The Centre of Excellence in Mass Spectrometry webpage provides additional information about:

  • access and bookings
  • facilities available
  • members of staff
  • showcase and events