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Integrated techniques for Protein Characterisation

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Molecular Interactions 


Our clients include research groups from within our own university, many external universities throughout the world, and an array of commercial enterprises of all sizes. Explore how the Technology Facility will benefit your research today! 


Welcome from Dr Peter O'Toole


‌‌‌The Bioscience Technology Facility provides access to technology and research services for the biosciences. This unique facility allows ready access to a wide‌ range of technologies and expertise in an integrated manner that can help drive forward your research efficiently and cost effectively.  

Dr Peter O'Toole, Director +44 (0)1904 32 8722 

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We provide an integrated package of expertise and technologies to drive forward your R & D . 

Protein ID Service 

For more information please see our flyer: Protein_ID_Service (PDF , 302kb)

Biopharmaceutical R & D Support 

For more information please see our flyer: Biopharm_RD_Support (PDF , 48kb)

Future Training Events

Tuesday 11 to Friday 14 June 2019:

Flow Cytometry 

13- 14 August & 15-16 August 2019: 

Python Programming Courses

Tuesday 24- Thursday 26 September 2019:

Gene Expression Technology Course 

Tuesday 17 to Friday 20 September 2019:

Confocal Microscopy Course 

Tuesday 5 November 2019:

Bioscience Technology Insight Day

December 2019 - date tbc:

Bioinformatics for Biologists


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‌Labroots webinar with Peter O'Toole and Rakesh Suman

          EMBL Interview 

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