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Discussion Papers 2019

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Cost-Effective Clinical Trial Design: Application of a Bayesian Sequential Stopping Rule to the ProFHER Pragmatic Trial.

M. Forster, S. Brealey, S. Chick, A. Keding, B. Corbacho, A. Alban, A. Rangan

(Abstract), ‌1901 (PDF , 701kb) [Paper with full text]

19/02 Generational Bias and Tax Policy Alan Krause (Abstract), ‌1902 (PDF , 445kb) [Paper with full text]
19/03 Nonparametric Homogeneity Pursuit in Functional-Coefficient Models Jia Chen, Degui Li, Lingling Wei, Wenyang Zhang (Abstract), ‌1903 (PDF , 737kb) [Paper with full text]
19/04 Triage in Kidney Exchange Jörgen Kratz (Abstract), ‌1904 (PDF , 615kb) [Paper with full text]
19/05 Estimating the term structure with linear regressions: Getting to the roots of the problem Adam Golinski, Peter Spencer (Abstract), ‌1905 (PDF , 803kb) [Paper with full text]
19/06 Does higher Institutional Quality improve the Appropriateness of Healthcare Provision? Giacomo De Luca, Domenico Lisi, Marco Martorana, Luigi Siciliani (Abstract), ‌1906 (PDF , 1,360kb) [Paper with full text]

New Evidence on the Historical Growth of Government in Europe: The Role of Labor Costs

Mickael Melki, Andrew Pickering (Abstract), ‌1907 (PDF , 1,076kb) [Paper with full text]

Child Socio-Emotional Skills: The Role of Parental Inputs

Gloria Moroni, Cheti Nicoletti, Emma Tominey (Abstract), ‌1908 (PDF , 834kb) [Paper with full text]

The Origins and Dynamics of Agricultural Inheritance Traditions

Thilo R. Huning, Fabian Wahl (Abstract), ‌1909 (PDF , 1,195kb) [Paper with full text]

The Gender Earnings Gap in British Workplaces: A Knowledge Exchange Report. 

Tim Butcher, Karen Mumford, Peter N. Smith (Abstract), ‌1910 (PDF , 1,251kb) [Paper with full text]

Markovian Core, Indivisibility, and Successive Pareto-Improvements

Satoru Fujishige, Zaifu Yang (Abstract), ‌1911 (PDF , 436kb) [Paper with full text]
19/12 A Conic Approach to the Implementation of  Reduced-Form Allocation Rules Xu Lang, Zaifu Yang (Abstract), ‌1912 (PDF , 641kb) [Paper with full text]
Efficient Sequential Assignments with Randomly Arriving Multi-Item Demand Agents
Dinard van der Laan, Zaifu Yang (Abstract), ‌1913 (PDF , 592kb) [Paper with full text]
A Real-time Density Forecast Evaluation of the ECB Survey of Professional Forecasters
 Laura Coroneo, Fabrizio Iacone, Fabio Profumo  (Abstract), ‌1914 (PDF , 861kb) [Paper with full text]
The (non) impact of education on marital dissolution
Edith Aguirre (Abstract), ‌1915 (PDF , 562kb) [Paper with full text]
Domestic violence and women’s earnings: Does frequency matter?
Edith Aguirre (Abstract), ‌1916 (PDF , 615kb) [Paper with full text]
The Rehabilitation of Glidepath Investing
Andrew Clare, James Seaton, Peter N. Smith, Stephen Thomas (Abstract), 1917 (PDF , 1,842kb) [Paper with full text]
Predicting interest rates in real-time
Alberto Caruso, Laura Coroneo (Abstract), 1918 (PDF , 1,070kb)‌ [Paper with full text]