Publication Scheme: Guide to Information

This Publication Scheme has been prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

Groups and Classes of information


1. Who we are and what we do

This section covers information relating to the organisation, structures, location and contacts of the University of York. It includes information on the legal status of the University, which individual member of staff or group within the University is responsible for specific functions and where they fit in the overall structure of the University, information relating to organisations the University is responsible for or in partnership with and information on student activities.

1.1 Legal Framework The University of York was established by Royal Charter in 1963. Web -
1.2 How the University of York is organised The University's overall scheme of organisation is shown by the Delegation of Council Responsibility Map. Web -
The Charter and Statutes and Ordinances and Regulations represent the instruments of governance. Web -
Information about how the University is governed is contained in the Council's Statement of Primary Responsibilities. Web -
Information about the University Executive Board is held by the Vice Chancellor's Office. The board has responsibility for the operational management of the University. Web -

Departmental websites provide the names and responsibilities of key academic and support services personnel.

Further information on the roles of senior managers are outlined in their respective job descriptions, available from Human Resources.


Paper: contact Human Resources.

Fees for paper
The University expects members of Council to abide by the The Committee of University Chairs' Higher Education Code of Governance. Web -
Membership and terms of reference of Court, Council, Senate, and other University committees is provided under the Governance webpage, and the structure of committees is given by the Delegation of Council Responsibility Map. Web -
Information on departmental structures and senior personnel can be obtained from departmental webpages. Web -
Information on the University's faculties can be found on the Faculties webpage.    
Further details regarding the governance of the University can be found on the Governance overview webpage.    
1.3 Location and contact details for the University Location and travel information can be found through Maps and Directions. Web -
Information for contacting the University, individuals and departments is provided by General Enquiries and the University Directory. Departments and sections also provide contact details where appropriate. Web -
1.4 Lists of and information relating to organisations which the University has responsibility for, those it works in partnership with, those it sponsors and companies wholly owned by it. The Hull York Medical School is governed by the Hull York Medical School Joint Board, established by a memorandum of understanding between the universities of Hull and York. Web -
The Hull York Medical School has its own Joint Senate Committee. Web -
Information on organisations that the University of York is in partnership with, including the Hull York Medical School, is available in University Partnerships and connected organisations and Partnerships. Web -
Information on the University's wholly owned companies is provided in the Annual Report and Financial Statements under the heading 'Subsidiary undertakings'. Web -
Information on the University Trading Companies is maintained by the Research and Enterprise office. Web; paper: contact Enterprise and Innovation Office. Fees for paper
1.5 Student activities Information about the University Students' Union, including its constitution and code of practice, is available from the Students' Union, which also maintains a list of its own officers. Web -
Information about constitutions, codes of practice and committee memberships of student clubs and societies is also maintained by the Students' Union. Web -
Information about the University's Graduate Students' Association (GSA) can be found on the their website. Web  


2. What we spend and how we spend it

This section covers financial information relating to the University of York's projected and actual income and expenditure, procurement, contracts and financial audit. Information that may damage the University's commercial interests is excluded from the publication scheme.

2.1 Funding/income The terms and conditions for the payment of grants from the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE) to higher education institutions is set out in the Memorandum of assurance and accountability between HEFCE and institutions. Web -

The University provides a breakdown of its income and information in relation to capital investment in its Annual Report and Financial Statements. For further information contact the Director of Finance.

A summary of its funding and expenditure is also available.

Web -
2.2 Financial statements, budgets and variance reports The University's Annual Report and Financial Statements are published and available for inspection. They include the University's statement of corporate governance and information on capital expenditure.

Budgetary and account information is maintained by the Finance Department. For further information contact the Director of Finance.

Web -
Information about planning and budgeting procedures is provided by Planning Office. Web -
The University Strategy outlines the University's key objectives. Web -
2.3 Financial audit reports The independent Auditor's report to the University Council is published in the Annual Report and Financial Statements. Web -
2.4 Capital programme Information in relation to capital investment and plans can be found on the Investing in our campus webpage. For further information contact the Director of Finance. Web; paper: contact Finance Department. -
2.5 Financial regulations and procedures The University's Financial Policies and Regulations govern financial procedures. Web -
2.6 Staff pay and grading structures

Information about salary structures is at Pay Scales.

Information about the emoluments of the Vice-Chancellor is set out in the Annual Report and Financial Statements, together with information on the remuneration of other senior staff earning over £100,000 per annum (stated in bands of £10,000). The Accounts are published each year in December.

Web -

The ratio between the Full Time Equivalent (FTE) salary of the highest-paid employee and the FTE salary of the median-paid employee is 7.2:1.


Staff allowances and expenses

Information about staff allowances and expenses is set out in the University's Financial Regulations and its Travel and Expenses policy.

Information about the expenses reimbursed to individual members of the University Executive Board is published on their profile pages.

Web -
2.8 Register of suppliers For information on suppliers contact the Procurement Office. Paper Fees for paper
2.9 Procurement and tender procedures and reports The University's Financial Regulations describe procurement procedures. Web -
The University's Procurement Strategy articulates how the procurement function will proactively help the University to maximise value, minimise risk and support the University Strategy 2014-2020. Web -
The University publishes terms and conditions for contracting and for the supply of goods and services. Web; paper: contact Supplies Office. -
The University's electronic tendering site contains information on existing contracts and tenders, and contracts and tenders currently available. Web -
The University's Procurement Office contains further information for staff and suppliers about procuring or supplying goods and services with the University. Web  
2.10 Contracts Details of contracts over £25,000 that have gone through a formal tendering process are published by Tenders Electronic Daily (Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union). Web -
2.11 Research funding

Information about funded research at the University of York is available from Research. Further information about our research staff, projects, publications and organisational units can be found on the York Research Database.

Quarterly summaries of funded research are prepared for Council, and are recorded in Council papers.

The Annual Report and Financial Statements provides figures on the University's total research funding.

Research Councils UK's Gateway to Research provides information on publicly funded research undertaken by the University.

Web; paper for summaries: contact Research or Secretary of Council. Fees for paper


3. What our priorities are and how we are doing

This section contains information on the University's strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews.

3.1 Annual review The University's Annual Report and Financial Statements detail the main factors underlying the University's performance and financial position. Web -
3.2 Corporate and business plans The University Plan will guide and inform our activities until 2020, and includes the University's Strategy and key objectives. Web -
3.3 Teaching and learning strategy The University's Learning and Teaching Strategy, Research Strategy, and Student and Academic Services Strategy, can be found on the Supporting Strategies webpage. Web -
3.4 Academic quality and standards Learning and Teaching at York provides information on the University's internal procedures for assuring academic quality and standards. The University's Statement on Teaching Performance Expectations provides the overall framework for assuring academic quality and standards, which are governed by the University's Ordinances and Regulations. Web -

The York Pedagogy defines the University's learning culture and sets clear expectations for our programmes. Strategy, Policy and Procedure gives details of the University's Learning Strategy, Management of Programmes, Reviews of performance and the management of assessments and exams.

The University's Teaching Committees assure the standards of taught programmes of study, and monitor the institutions academic standards.

Web -
Data on the quality and standards of learning and teaching are contained in the Periodic Review and Annual Programme Review. For further information contact the Academic Quality Team Web
Feedback from York's recent graduates collected through the National Student Survey is available from the Unistats website. Web -
3.5 External and Internal Audit Programme Specifications are available on the University's website for undergraduates and postgraduates Web

The process of programme approval and review is outlined on the Submitting a New Programme for Approval, Modifications , Programme withdrawal , pages of the Managing Programmes and Collaboration section of the the University's website.

Web -
Information on annual monitoring and review processes, includes information on the Role of External Assessors. Web -
Information on External audits and accreditiation reviews can be found on the website. This includes a register of review visits by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs) that provide accreditation for some University programmes, and the most recent Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) review. Web -
The quality of our research is assessed under the Research Excellence Framework (REF) and are published locally under Research performance. Web -
Outcomes of performance in Office for Standards in Education Department inspections in relation to postgraduate certificate in education (secondary) courses are maintained nationally by the Office for Standards in Education. Web -
3.6 Corporate relations The University's overall approach to corporate relations is laid out in the University Strategy, Enabling Objective 3.   Web -
The University has a range of services and facilities available for organisations who would like to work with the University. This includes commercial facilities and services, collaborative research, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, Continuing Professional Development, Consultancy Services, and Contracting Research  Web  -
The University collaborates with academic institutions across the globe, through partnerships, networks and research. The International Relations Office helps to make the University's Internationalisation strategy a reality.  Web  -
The Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA) works with alumni and friends of the University. We help them to deepen their ties with York and each other and encourage them to support students, research and the University through gifts of time and money.  Web  -
The University's Careers department help to link students and employers  Web  -
Information regarding the University's partnerships and connected organisations is available on the website.  Web  -
The University has a range of trading companies offering external services.   Web  -
3.7 Government and regulatory reports The results of external scrutiny are held nationally by the bodies to which returns are made. These include the Higher Education Students Early Statistics Survey returns, the Research Excellence Framework (REF), OFSTED Inspections, and the QAA audit. Web -
The University is on the Register of HE providers maintained by the Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE). This lists the functions the University can deliver, such as the award of degrees.  Web  -
The General Medical Council regulates the Hull York Medical School and authorises the teaching and award qualifications. Web -
A number of University programmes are accredited by Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRBs).  Further information can be found on the websites for the respective bodies. Web -
3.8 The University's compliance with its duties under the Equality Act 2010. The University of York values the diversity of its members and is committed to the creation of a positive environment which is fair, welcoming and inclusive and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. Our compliance with our duties under the Equality Act 2010 is managed through the Equality and Diversity Office. Web  
    All universities must develop an Access Agreement detailing the fees they wish to charge, details of their financial support packages for UK and EU students, details of their outreach activities, and targets and milestones for widening participation. Access Agreements are renewed and formally approved each year by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA).    


4. How we make decisions

This section covers information about the University's decision making processes and records of its decisions. In some instances information from committee minutes will be exempt from disclosure where it contains personal information, information that may damage the commercial interests of the University or that may threaten the health and safety of specific individuals.

4.1 Minutes from governing body, Council, Senate and academic boards Minutes and papers of the Court and Council Web (for minutes and agenda); paper: contact University Governance Officer Fees for paper
Council is supported by a number of sub-committees, some are statutory committees required to ensure that the University is legally compliant. Others have a strategic or operational focus. Web -
Minutes and papers of the Senate Web (for minutes and agenda); paper: contact University Governance Officer Fees for paper
Senate is supported by a number of sub-committees, they consider and deliver more detailed work on academic matters. Web; paper: contact committee secretary Fees for paper
Council delegates considerable decision-making responsibility to the University Executive Board
Electronic and paper: contact committee secretary. Fees for paper
The Operations Group and Subsidiaries Management Group are sub-groups of the University Executive Board.  Web; paper: contact committee secretary Fees for paper
Minutes and papers of Boards of Studies and committees of academic departments are available through departmental contacts. Paper: contact secretaries of Boards of Studies and departmental administrators Fees for paper

York Graduate Research School Board has oversight of all matters relating to postgraduate research (PGR) students at the University, to advise Research Committee on aspects of the research strategy and University Teaching Committee on aspects of the learning and teaching strategy relating to Postgraduate Research (PGR) students, and to monitor and respond to national developments relating to PGR students.

Web -
4.2 Teaching and learning committee minutes Minutes of the University Teaching Committee. Web -
Further information regarding the University's teaching committees and groups, and departmental teaching committees can be found found on the University's website. Web -
4.3 Minutes of staff/student consultation meetings Departments liaise with students principally through their Boards of Studies or through staff-student liaison committees. Minutes from these meetings can be obtained through departmental administrators. Paper: contact departmental administrators. Fees for paper
4.4 Appointment committees and procedures The University's Nominations Committee makes recommendations on candidates for vacancies to be filled by Court and Council.

Academic staff can apply for promotion, applications are considered by the Academic Promotions Committee
Minutes are held by the Committee Secretaries.
Web; paper for minutes: contact Committee Secretary. Fees for paper
4.5 Further information See the online Committee Book for further information on University committees and links to committee minutes. Web; paper: contact committee secretary Fees for paper


5. Our policies and procedures

This section covers information on the University of York's current written protocols, policies and procedures for delivering our services and responsibilities. The University also maintains a schedule of its major policy documents and their review dates.

5.1 Policies and procedures for conducting University business The Charter and Statutes and Ordinances and Regulations represent the instruments of governance. Web -
Procedures for handling requests for information are maintained by the Records Manager in line with the University's Freedom of Information Policy and the Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs' Code of Practice on the discharge of public authorities' functions under Part I of the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Web -
The Hull York Medical School is governed by the Hull York Medical School Joint Board, established by a memorandum of understanding between the universities of Hull and York. Web -
The University operates an Ethical Investment Policy in relation to its own investment of funds. The External Relations Department maintain policies and procedures in relation to the treatment and handling of donations. Web  
5.2 Procedures and policies relating to academic services Lists of honorary degrees awarded are given in the Graduation Archives. Nominations for honorary degrees are considered by the Nominations Committee. Web -
Examinations and Assessment regulations are contained in the relevant Ordinance and Regulation. They are supported by the Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking and Feedback. Departments also have their own statements of assessment. Web -
Student Services publishes guidance about the preparation and conduct of University assessments and examinations for staff and students, as well as rules for progression and award for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.    
The University's policy towards academic misconduct can be found in the Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking and Feedback 2016/17.  Procedures to for Academic Appeals and complaints are also available. Web -
Information on the procedures for changing course is contained in the University's Ordinances and Regulations 6.5(g) and further information can be found on the website. Information on taking a break, withdrawing from a programme of study, and changing from full to part-time status is also available. Web -
5.3 Procedures and policies relating to student services The Student section of the University's website provides information relating to every aspect of student life from health and wellbeing to volunteering and career planning. Web -
Information about student accommodation is maintained by Accommodation Services. The information available includes guides to accommodation provided by the University and by private landlords ; terms and conditions of residence; and the Student Accommodation Code. Web -
Regulation 8 of the University's Ordinances and Regulations governs enrolment, residence and payment of fees.  Web -
The University's Academic Registrar is responsible for maintaining records relating to students at University level. University policies in relation to the maintenance of student records are contained in the University's Policy, Procedure and Guidelines, and in the Records Management Policy. Web -
Academic departments maintain records in relation to their students. All departmental student records systems are required to comply with the Data Protection Act: University Policy, Procedures and Guidelines. Web -
Information about undergraduate admission and registration is available in the undergraduate prospectus and the admissions policy, which includes information on admission requirements and the verification of qualifications. Information on graduate admission and registration is contained in the graduate prospectus and the admissions policy. Web -
Information on enrolment is available on the University's website. Web -

Information about Graduate study at York, including an index of courses, financial information, and procedures for applying, is available on the University's website.

The York Graduate Research School provides further information on opportunities for research students.

Web -
The Regulations govern student discipline.  Web -
The University's procedure for dealing with student appeals and complaints is also available. Web -
The University publishes a general Student Handbook of helpful information including links to a number of policies. Departments publish complementary and subject specific information and policies Web -

Student welfare information is concentrated in Student Services and various support is available to help students during their time at York.

College staff also offer welfare support to their members.

Web -

Regulation 7 covers the University's policy on substance abuse.

Help for those suffering from addiction can be found on the Student pages.

Web -
Information on the hardship fund is held by Student Financial Support. Web -

Information about security can be obtained from Security Services.

Web -
The Student Services maintains information about the University's Immigration Advice Service. Web -
5.4 Procedures and policies relating to human resources

The University's Human Resources Strategy is available from Human Resources.

Web -
Human Resources' policies and procedures contain information on the University's policies, strategies and procedures in relation to employment and employer relations. This includes the Employee Relations Structure. Web -

The University's Staff Development Policy and complementary training and development courses are managed by Human Resources.

Web -

Information about relations with trades unions is given in the Employee Relations Structure.

Web -

Human Resources similarly maintains information about the University's Grievance Procedure, Disciplinary Procedure, Code of Practice on Harassment, and the Speak Up (Whistleblowing) policy.

Web -

A full list of HR policies and procedures and its Employee Relations Structure is available on the website.

Web -
5.5 Pay

Human Resources manage policy and procedure relating to the pay and grading for all groups of staff.

Web -
5.6 Procedures and policies relating to recruitment

The Recruitment Policy and HR recruitment and selection webpages provide information on the University's recruitment procedures. Job vacancies at the University are publicly advertised in appropriate media, including the Job Vacancies web pages.

Web -
5.7 Code of conduct for members of governing bodies The University expects members of the University's governing bodies to abide by the Committee of University Chairs' Higher Education Code of Governance. Web -

Equality and diversity

The University's Equality and Diversity in Employment Policy,  Code of Practice on Harassment and information on equality and diversity is available from Human Resources and the Equality and Diversity Office. Statistical information is published in relation to meeting the University's Equality Duty. Web -
5.9 Health and safety

Information on the University's Health, Safety and Welfare Policy Statement and Arrangements (pdf) are provided by the Health and Safety Department.

Information on the University’s insurance procedures can be requested from the Health and Safety Department.

The University of York's Employers' Liability and Public Liability insurance is provided by Allianz Insurance plc. The policy number is 55/SZ24961353/08.

Web: University intranet for University members

Paper/electronic: contact Health and Safety Department

5.10 Estate management

Information about the University's responsibilities to the environment, can be found in the Environmental Sustainability Policy.

Information on Waste and Recycling is also available.

Web -
The University is investing in its estate in line with the requirements of the University Plan. Web -
Information about facilities management policies can be obtained from Estates and Campus Services. Paper: contact Directorate of Facilities Management.  
Information on grounds and buildings maintenance is available through Estates Operations. Web -
The Directorate of Estates and Campus Services develop and maintain the estate, providing a variety of facilities and support services for staff and students. The development of the estate is guided by the planning and principles of campus development.    
5.11 Complaints policy

Information concerning complaints about freedom of information requests and the University's Publication Scheme is contained in the Freedom of Information Complaints Policy.

Web -
The policy and procedure for dealing with complaints from students, student applicants is maintained by the Student and Academic Services. Web -
Human Resources maintains policies and procedures governing complaints and grievances from and about staff including the Speak Up (Whistleblowing) policy and procedure.  Web -
5.12 Records management and personal data policies

The University's information policies include

Information on the policies, their supporting method statements and guidance, is brought together on the Using and protecting information webpages.

Information Services maintains an Information Policy index.

The Borthwick Institute has protocols for applying the Data Protection Act's research exemption to otherwise closed records.

Web -

IT Services further operates under the IT Investigations and Data Access Policy.

Web -

The University's Records Management Policy set out the steps the University will take to create specific data retention, disposal and archive policies.

Web -

The use of CCTV in the University conforms to the Code of Practice for CCTV issued by the Office of the Information Commissioner.

The Surveillance Policy governs the use of CCTV and visual systems.

The University's Data Protection policy includes a section on the use of photographs, video and closed-circuit television.

Web -

The University maintains a Policy on the Management of Debit/Credit Card Data in conformance with the PSI DSS standard.

Web -

Information about the Library's collection, acquisition, management and disposal policies is in the Library's Information Resources and Access Policy (policy under review).

Web -

The York Digital Library policy covers the library's digital collections.

Web -

The Borthwick Institute's policies regarding collecting and access to information are available on the website.

Web -
5.13 Research policy and strategy

The University's Research Policies and Codes of Practice and Research Strategy are maintained by the Research Strategy and Policy Office. They include the University's Code of Practice on Research Integrity.

Web -

Intellectual property arrangements are set out in the Ordinances and Regulations

Additional information on intellectual property can be found on the Research webpages.

Web -

The terms of reference and constitution of the Ethics Committee are given in the Committee Book. Non-exempt minutes, agendas and other papers are available through the Ethics Committee secretary.

Web; paper for minutes: contact Ethics Committee secretary. Fees for paper

Information on the University's research is published through its research pages and the York Research Database. Information on publicly funded research outputs is also given through Gateway to Research developed by the Research Councils UK.

The University publishes an annual statement on research integrity. Web  
Information on animal research at the University is given as part of its research webpages. Web -

Medical research is undertaken at the Hull York Medical School and the Department of Health Sciences.

Web; paper: contact departmental administrators for HYMS and Health Sciences. -
5.14 Publicly funded research outputs and data The University has a Policy on the Publication of Research. Web -
The York Research Database contains information on the University's research staff, projects, publications and organisational units, and the connections between them all. Web -
White Rose Research Online (WRRO) is a shared, open access repository for the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York. WRRO contains a growing collection of research outputs from across the Consortium and from a variety of different subject disciplines. These outputs include journal articles, conference papers, monographs and monograph chapters, and working papers. Web -
The White Rose University Press enables researchers to publish their work digitally and make it globally available free of charge. Web -

The University's Research and Enterprise team is responsible for supporting and developing research, knowledge transfer and research impact activities. 

Web -

The Research Councils UK's Gateway to Research provides information on publicly funded research in the UK, including research undertaken at the University of York.

Web -
5.15 Charging regimes The University has a policy upon charging for the release of information, which can be found in the Freedom of Information Policy. Web -


6. Lists and registers

This section covers information on the University's current lists and registers. Some information in this section may be exempt from disclosure where such disclosure would damage the University's commercial interests.

Section  Class  Description  Manner  Fee  

Any information we are currently legally required to hold in publicly available registers


The University's notification of its uses of personal data is hosted externally by the Information Commissioner's Office in the Public Register of Data Controllers.

6.2  Asset registers

Information in relation to major capital assets is maintained by the Finance Department.

The University's Financial Regulations state that the Director of Finance will maintain a central asset register for equipment with an initial cost over £20,000. Heads of Departments are responsible for maintaining a departmental asset register (inventory) of all departmental equipment, regardless of the funding source of the purchase of the equipment. 

Access through the Director of Finance

The University's real estate is shown on the various campus maps and information on building and investment in the University's estate can be found on the website.

Web -


Register of interests

Information on the Policy and Procedures in relation to the declaration of interests are online.

The registered interests of senior personnel are detailed in the University Council's membership profiles and in the profiles of the University Executive Board.

A register of interests for members of Council, lay members of University Committees, University Executive Board and Operations Group is maintained within the Registrar & Secretary’s Office. Registers for senior departmental staff are maintained within departments.


Access to registers by inspection only, on arrangement with Registrar's Office.

The Registrar and Secretary maintains a list of declared gifts and hospitality. The University's Anti-Bribery Policy details the University's policy on accepting gifts and hospitality.

Access to registers by inspection only, on arrangement with Registrar's Office. -
6.4 CCTV

The University's Security Service installs and maintains the large network of CCTV cameras, intruder alarms and electroninc access control devices across campus.

Web -

The installation and operation of all Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras is governed by the University's Surveillance Policy.



7. The services we offer

This section contains information about services the University offers.

Section  Class  Description  Manner  Fee 
7.1  Prospectus  

The University makes available online both undergraduate, graduate and Hull York Medical School prospectuses. 

Web; paper: contact details on the webpages.
7.2  Services for outside bodies  

Information on the external services offered by the University's trading companies, and commercial facilities and services, is maintained by the Business Development Team.

7.3  Course content  The University's website provides details of undergraduate course content and information on graduate courses. Web
7.4 Course Fees

Details about the fees and funding for undergraduate and graduate courses are published at Undergraduate fees and funding and Postgraduate fees and funding.

Web -
7.5 Funding available to students

The Student Financial Support Unit maintains details of scholarships and bursaries available to undergraduate students. The Research Student Administration Team maintains a list of sources of scholarships and funding for UK/EU research students, details of funding for international students is available from the International Team.

Web -
7.6 Welfare and counselling 

The University has various support networks available to staff and students and advice can be obtained from the Support Hub. There is also help and support availabe for those finding things difficult and wanting to talk or requiring counselling.  

Information on staff welfare and counselling is available from staff support, welfare and health.


Health including medical services

The University Health Centre is run by Unity Health. 

7.8 Careers 

Information about careers can be found through the Careers Service.

Web  -
7.9 Chaplaincy services and faith contacts  

Information about chaplaincy services and contacts for other faiths are available on the University website and the Chaplaincy website.

7.10  Nursery facilities The Campus Nursery website provides information on childcare services at the University.  Web 
7.11 Sports and recreational facilities

York Sport provides information on sports and recreational facilities at the University. York Sport Union maintains details of student sport and societies

7.12 Music, art and other cultural activities

Information on a wide range of activities on campus, and in the wider community, can be found on the University's website under 'Campus and City life' and also 'Leisure and Culture'.

Web -
University of York Art Collection

The University of York Art Collection can be viewed on a dedicated website. Information on other forms of art and galleries can be found on the University's webisite. 

Art on campus can be seen at various locations including the Norman Rea Gallery.

Web -

Libraries, special collections and archives

The opening hours of the University Library and Archives are published on their websites.


Regulations for the use of the Library and information on services and Facilities are also available.


Information on copyright law and its implications for staff and students of the University can be found on the Records Management website.

Web -

The University library catalogue, YorSearch, can be searched for details of the material held by the library and the archives. 

Borthcat, the Borthwick Institute's catalogue can also be searched independently for details of its holdings.


The Library publishes information about its collections, with links to information about its special collections. Searchable catalogues are made available once they have been compiled

 Web  -
The Borthwick Institute for Archives is the repository for the archives created by the University from its foundation in 1963. The Borthwick also cares for an extensive range of archives from the 12th to 21st centuries given to or purchased by the University or on deposit from the archive owners.  

Free access to original records or copies of records in our search rooms. We charge a fee to carry out the research necessary to tell you whether or not we hold specific information. We also charge for copies of documents. Our fees are set out on our website. Contact the Borthwick Institute for further details.


The Borthwick Institute has information on its holdings with guides and finding aids for the material in its care. Finding aids are added to its online catalogue , Borthcat, and to the Archives Hub on a regular basis.

FindMyPast hosts images of most of the Borthwick's probate indexes (Prerogative & Exchequer Courts Of York Probate Index, 1688-1858; York Medieval Probate Index, 1267-1500; York Peculiars Probate Index, 1383-1883), parish registers, marriage bonds, and school admissions records.

The York Archbishops' Registers, York Cause Papers, and The Retreat, are amongst the major collections available on-line. Information on other material available on-line can be found on the Borthwick's website.  

The Heritage Image Partnership delivers archive content as opposed to finding aids.

Web; paper: contact Borthwick Institute. Also available through The National Archives Fees for paper 
Most records in the Borthwick Institute are available for general access but a few are closed in whole or in part because information in them is exempt information under the FOI Act, Environmental Information Regulations, or subject to the Data Protection Act. Closures are usually indicated in our finding aids and will be reviewed on request. There is no charge for this review. Enquiries and requests for review of closed records should be sent to the Borthwick Institute. Paper: for copies of terms and conditions imposed by owners, contact the Borthwick. Fees for paper
The Borthwick Institute operates within the remits of its Collecting Policy and Preservation Policy. The Rules for the Use of Archives are displayed in its public search rooms and its website.  Web 
7.14 Conference facilities   The University's conference facilities are maintained by York Conferences, which is a wholly owned company of the University.  Web 
7.15 Advice and guidance  

Student Services offer guidance on a range of issues including: Academic Appeals, Academic Progress, Examinations and Assessment, Immigration Advice, Financial Support, and Visa Compliance

Further advice can be obtained from Student Hub and student webpages

7.16  Community engagement 

University staff and students are engaged in a range of activities with the community, including student volunteers working in local schools, programmes to encourage lifelong learning, Open lectures and concerts

Web  -
7.17 Media releases University press releases are published by the Media Relations office. Web
7.18 Guide to Expertise Information on staff research specialisms is contained in the Guide to Expertise. Web