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Institutions of higher education in the UK are complex organisations, each characterised by a distinctive ethos.
Each institution is autonomous and responsible for the management and direction of its own affairs.

The Committee of University Chairs' Guide for Members of HE Governing Bodies

How the University is run

When describing how the University is run, it is important to understand there is a difference between how it is governed and how it is managed.


All universities have a governing body that is responsible for overseeing their activities, determining their future direction and monitoring progress against strategic ambitions. The University's governing body is the Council.

Council is also responsible for ensuring we remain financially sustainable and that we meet our legal obligations. It takes the final decision on matters which have a significant impact on the University


While Council takes on a monitoring and oversight role as the governing body, it delegates the operational running of the University to the Acting Vice-Chancellor and President.

The Acting Vice-Chancellor and President undertakes his responsibilities with the support of his senior colleagues who meet twice a month as the University Executive Board.