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Together York

A community built on values

As a student, you join this community to pursue your academic interests and develop as an individual. At York, you will be challenged intellectually, encouraged to consider your place in society, and supported to achieve and to thrive. We want to empower you to think deeply, to explore ideas and experiences adventurously, and to use your time to become the best person you can be.

This statement has been developed collaboratively by students and staff, to be a living document that describes the foundations and aspirations of our community. While some of the statements in this declaration may seem obvious, we believe it is worthwhile to articulate our values, priorities and expectations, and invite all members of the community to join together in upholding and developing them.

Together York projects will be delivered jointly with the University's Students' Union (YUSU) and Graduate Students' Association (GSA).

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We are a community of scholarship

where independent critical thinkers explore their area of study with passion and diligence.

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We are a community of respect

built on values of fairness.

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We are a community of purpose

that cultivates personal growth and supports each student in developing a vision for their future.

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