A community of respect

We are a community built on values of fairness and respect.

We Are York

The University of York is a community built on respect, fairness and compassion. We hold each other to these expectations and call out inappropriate behaviour. Speak out, step up. Be part of the solution, not the problem.


  • we act according to our shared values of respect, fairness and compassion, and hold each other to these expectations
  • we debate our differences, relying on reason to examine values and tackle hard questions with respect and sensitivity
  • we challenge injustice, unfairness, disrespect and abuse, both within and beyond the University

You can expect the University:

  • to show respect to you and treat you fairly
  • to engage proactively with challenge and criticism
  • to be fair, clear and timely in dealing with complaints, academic appeals, and non-academic issues such as fees and costs
  • to support and advance the interests of students, engage student representatives in its decision making and provide opportunities for students to help to shape the University’s development

As a student member of the University, you are expected:

  • to show respect to others and yourself
  • to be willing to have your preconceptions and stereotypes challenged
  • to actively challenge disrespectful speech and unfair behaviour and to seek support from the University if your experience is adversely affected by disrespect or unfairness from students or staff in a way you are unable to resolve independently
  • to engage with opportunities to enhance the experience of all students, including by helping to select student representatives in your department, College and students’ union, and by providing feedback on your experience

Further information

Information and services that relate to our community of respect:

Listening to your views

Students' feedback is important to us; we work in partnership with them to improve our courses and services.

Respect between students

York has regulations and procedures to ensure we maintain a peaceful and supportive environment, and ways to alert the University to any cases of student misconduct.

Appeals and complaints

Find information about our complaint and academic appeal procedures.

Students' Union (YUSU)

The University of York Students' Union, better known as YUSU, is here to help you make the most of your time at the University.

Graduate Students' Association (GSA)

We're one of only a few universities in the UK to have an independent student-led association specifically for postgraduates.