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Find out what we have done in response to your feedback. Keep an eye out for messages across the university on screens, posters, websites and social media.

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Ways to get involved:

  • National surveys, such as the National Student Survey, UK Experience Survey, Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey, Postgraduate Research Survey
  • Local surveys run by the Library, IT, Colleges, Departments
  • Student representation on University Committees
  • Student First Initiative
  • Departmental student/staff forums
  • YUSU and GSA Course and Department reps

Arts and Humanities


You said you would really like better electronic reading resources. We are using more digitised chapters and always buy electronics books where we can.

You said part time students need more flexible access to teaching. We have introduced lecture capture and pop up sessions and encourage all students to attend extra-curricular lectures and seminars.

English and Related Literature

You said you would like clearer assessment criteria. We rewrote the grade descriptors and explain them at the beginning of each module.

You said you would like to be able to submit your work online. We have introduced e-submission for assessed work right across the degree.

You said you would really like your essays to be returned more quickly. We now return special module and foreign literature part II essays within four weeks.

You said you would like more practice in critical theory before the Key Concepts exam. We've introduced extra revision lectures in summer term.

You said you would really appreciate it if more lectures were recorded. Our default position now is that all lectures are recorded.

You said you need more contact time in Literature and Language modules. Those modules now have an additional hour of teaching each week.

You said open exams don't allow you to write on the topics you're most interested in. We replaced open exams with free-choice coursework essays.

You said you would like to know who has marked your coursework so that you can discuss comments with them. Examiners are now identified.

You said you would like e-submission for assessment. This year we are running an e-submission pilot for first-year students.

You said you'd like your feedback in time to build on it for your next essays. We now turn summative essays around in 20 working days and formative work is returned within two weeks.

You said you would really like more contact time in your third year. Our Level 3 Research Lectures help with special modules and your dissertations.

You said you're concerned about the cost of books. We've introduced discounted book bundles. We've also worked with tutors to reduce course costs.

You said you'd like more opportunities to meet with staff. We've set up Q&A sessions and also created opportunities to write together.

You said you'd like a VLE site for your student reps. We've set this up and helped with training and content.


You said you need more contact time with tutors. We increased contact hours in all years, especially in small groups in Stage 1 and 3.

You said you would like the department to feel small. Along with the History Society, we have introduced more social events across the course.

You said you need more essay writing practice. We've doubled the number of formative essays in the Stage 1 Survey modules.

You said you want to access feedback quickly and easily whenever and wherever you are. We've developed online feedback for end of course reports and summative assessments.

Language and Linguistic Science

You said you would really like more practical experience of teaching and learning in modern languages. We initiated an 'adopt a class' scheme in local schools for our student ambassadors.

You said that as first year students you sometimes feel cut off from the life of the department. We ensured our first year coordinator works on community building with all new students.

You said you want to feel more connected to the department when you're away on your year abroad. W've put a new system in place to support you better while you're overseas.

You said you couldn't take some of the final-year modules because of class size restrictions. We changed final-year enrolment to maximise students getting their first-choice modules.

You said you wanted access to more e-books and e-journals. We expanded the range of electronic language and linguistics publications.

You said you'd like lecture capture used on more modules. In 2015/16, we rolled out lecture capture for all large first-year modules.

You said you would like more frequent small-group teaching for first-year Linguistics modules. We doubled the number of seminars and they are now held weekly instead of fortnightly.


You said you would like priority access to workstations in the music sections of the university library. We put up signs clearly stating the priority for music users in this area. 

You said you would like clearer feedback. We will ensure feedback aligns with our published marking criteria.

You said you'd like to see examples of previous solo project titles to help you devise your own. We circulated a list of all solo project titles.

You said you would like module teaching spread over more weeks of the term. We trialled this and are now adopting this for many current and future modules.

You said you would like Sibelius software to be accessible off-campus. Full off-campus access to Sibelius is possible via the VPN.

You said you would like greater access to core music technology software. Cockos Reaper is now available in all campus PC classrooms.

We'd like restrictions to be added to the room booking system to enable fairer access. We have adjusted the system so that everyone should be able to book a fair amount of practice time.

You said we'd like clearer submission guidelines in the MA Music handbook. We included extra information in this year's handbook.

We would like a performance class on vocal microphone technique. We've added that to the list of performance classes that we will offer.


You said you would like more contact hours. We have increased contact hours in all years for 2015/16.

You said you wanted help understanding your marks. We have introduced fixed-point marking for all essay-based assessments.

You said you would like more lectures to be recorded. We have increased the use of lecture capture.

You said you would like more diversity in our curriculum. We are offering modules in Indian, Chinese and Islamic Philosophy in 2015/16.

You said you want more diversity in the syllabus. We are improving the representation of female authors on reading lists.

You said you want your marks and feedback returned quicker. Return of marks and feedback for third-year modules reduced from 6 to 4 weeks.

You said you would like better student space in the Department. We have reorganised the foyer to make a more user-friendly space, adding a laptop bar.

You said we would like written feedback to do more to help us to write better essays. We updated our feedback form: now all students get advice about how to improve their work.

You said we would like more student space in the department. We opened up more of the foyer for students use.

You said we would like the marking criteria to be made clearer in advance. We've explained our essay marking criteria on the VLE site 'Understanding Marking'.

Theatre, Film and Television




You said you'd like more advice on career routes for theatre: writing, directing and perfeormance. We are working with you on a programme of careers speakers for this year.


You said you would like more detailed feedback on your written work in addition to the written report. Drop-in feedback sessions are now available for face-to-face guidance.

You said you would like more guidance on the assessment criteria and what they mean. We've developed detailed grade descriptors for each main type of assessment in Theatre.

You said booking rooms in TFTV seems overly complicated. We've revised our online booking system to make it clearer and easier.

You said you would like additional talks and visits from theatre professionals. We've expanded our masterclass programme and added a 'Current Trends in Theatre' module.

You said you need more help in understanding how you can use the workshop for your projects.  You'd also like the inductions earlier so you have more time to plan. We've revised our workshop inductions so that they are earlier and the process is clearer.

You said we'd like to have a bigger end-of-year event to showcase Interactive Media students' work. We did...

You said we find having lots of assessment deadlines close together on the Film and TV course makes things stressful. We did...

You said we would like to meet Interactive Media students from the other year groups. We did...

You said we need bigger budgets for our third-year films. We did...

You said we'd like more practice time on equipment. We did...



You said, we would like to have board games in the JCR. We did...

You said, it would be great to have some new darts for the dartboard. We did...


You said you want to be able to store sports equipment in college rather than at home. We have provided all Sports Captains with secure storage in Constantine.

You said you wanted your college awards on show in the College. We provided a trophy cabinet in The Loft for all Constantine awards to be displayed.

You said you want somewhere to make a hot drink in college. We provided a water cooler which has hot and cold water in The Loft.

You said you need to be able to cater for events locally. We built a kitchen in The Studio with cooking facilities and crockery.

You said you want to have communal BBQs during the summer in college. We built two external BBQ areas in the college grounds.

You said it is really annoying when the kitchen doors swing open during the night and set the alarms off. Kitchen doors now have handles and proper latches to keep them from swinging open.

You said you'd like blinds and light switches in the flat kitchens and that you'd like the kitchens upgraded in both C Block and the houses to include a TV and comfy seating. We carried out this work over the summer and all kitchens have been upgraded.


You said we would like a quiet social space to use during the day. We opened the General Common Room to all students.

You said, we would like to improve the AV systems in JCRC. We did...

You said, We really like the International Night but would appreciate better food options. We did...

You said, the staging and tech equipment could do with replacing. We did...


You asked if we can adjust the lighting in the Den to make it less bright and more relaxing. We provided lamps in the Den to give you more lighting options.

You said you'd like the pianos to be maintained so you can use them. We have arranged for both pianos to be repaired and turned.

You said it would be great if the college screened sporting events. We showed the Superbowl and the Six Nations Rugby, and provided drinks and snacks too!

You asked if it would be possible for you to make drinks when visiting the Wellbeing Hub. We've now provided herbal tea and juice for Wellbeing Hub visitors.

Halifax College

You said you wanted a cash machine at Halifax College. There is now a cash machine available on site.

You said you would like a group study area and meeting room within Halifax College. College members or groups can now reserve and use the College classroom.


You said: We would like to have access to a piano in college. We did...

You said: It would be great to have a microwave in the Lodge kitchen. We did...

You said, it would be great to have access to the college lodge in the evenings. We did...

You said, we really like days out to the seaside and would love to do more. We did...

You said, we would like to be able to play table tennis in college. We did...


You said you'd like to use the rear door at Fairfax House to access the rubbish bins more easily than you can now. The rear door is now available for students to use.

You said you'd like The Warren to be accessible to all of the students. With the help of the JCRC, we've installed access ramps.

You said that as non-residents you'd like to have access to the Junior Common Room (JCR) 24 hours a day. We have non-resident keycards that you can sign out from the college office that will allow you access to the JCR.

You said you wanted to be able to watch Prime Minister's Question Time (PMQ) live. We now broadcast PMQ at The Warren on Wednesdays at 12:00 noon. We follow it up with a Brainstorm event discussing current issues and events.

You said you'd love to be able to get a cup of hot chocolate (instead of just tea or coffee) at The Warren during the day. We now offer hot chocolate as well as tea and coffee - and it only costs 20p for college members.

You said you'd love to be able to eat lunch at a table in The Warren garden. We now have two picnic tables for students to use in The Warren garden.

You said when you use The Garage out of hours there is no place to put your rubbish or recycling. We now have a recycling station right outside the door of The Garage practice space.

You said the hallway in the Eric Milner White A need to have a carpet to keep the noise down. There is now a carpet in the hallways now and it is quieter.

You said the fairfax TV room needs to be updated. The Fairfax TV room has need furniture. You said the Graduation Common Room is really ugly and not very inviting. The G/SCR now has new furniture and is a lovely study space for our Postgrads.

You said we would like to save money when we buy hot beverages in Vanbrugh Dining. We arranged for you to save 30p if you use your Vanbrugh reusable travel mug to take out a hot beverage from Vanbrugh Dining.


You said you would like the opportunity to decorate a Christmas Tree in the college. We provided two Christmas trees and invited Wentworth College members to decorate them.

You said you would like more tea, coffee and cake. We have increased our budget for free tea and coffee. We have also introduced weekly 'Afternoon Tea' event on Thursdays in the SCR.

You said please get a better digital piano for the common room. The old electric piano does not always work well, and is often already being used when I want to play it. We have added a new Casio Privia digital piano (with optional headphones for silent practice) alongside the old electric piano.

You said you would like some study desks in the Senior Common Room. We have added four new study desks.

You said: Can the broken equipment in the common room be removed or replaced? We did...

You said: Please put a dartboard in the GCR. We did...

You said: Could we have a guitar for the common room? We did...

You said: Please provide sponges and tea-towels for use in the SCR. We did...




You said we would like clearer information on how our modules will be assessed. We've increased the clarity of assessment information on the VLE for all modules.

You said we'd like the open essay moved to the autumn term so we have a more even assessment workload in our final year. We moved the open essay as requested; 94% of finalists agreed this was a good idea.

You said we found the workload in the second year skills module too high. We have redesigned stage 2 skills to reduce the workload and the assessment.

You said we would like fewer closed exams for modules. We have greatly increased the diversity of our assessments.


You said you would like further introductory reading before starting the course. We expanded our 'Stepping up to Chemistry' transition site.

You said you would like a year abroad in the USA, organised by the Department. We organised a placement in Boston, affiliated with Harvard Medical School.

You said all deadlines come at once. We reorganised our Year 3 option modules to avoid clashes and monitor deadlines in other years.

You said you wanted lectures to be recorded to listen to again. Lecture capture is now opt-out instead of opt-in so almost all of our lectures can be found online.

You said you want to spend more time on your project. The length of the BSc and MChem projects has increased.

You said you wanted more time for research projects and for them to be more valued. Research project work was re-weighted worth 10 more credits and more time allowed by adapting teaching schedule.

Computer Science

You said only 84 places are available on the SEPR module, but 104 of us want to take it. We modified teaching so the cap was lifted and all 104 students were able to take SEPR.

You said you wanted the student web page navigation to be updated. Student web pages were revamped in summer 2015.

You said we would like a microwave, and facilities to make hot drinks in the building. We now have a shared student staff learning space in The Pod, with kitchen facilities and soft seating, accessible 24/7 for our students.

You said there is not enough time between the lectures finishing and the exams starting for the first years in summer term. We have looked into our assessment scheduling and have suggested improvements for Summer term 2017/18.

You said how do we know when our marks have been released on e:Vision? We did...

You said, we want access to other module sites to better inform our option choice. We did...

You said 125 of you want to take SEPR, but there are only 101 places on the module. We lifted the cap so that all students wanting to take the SEPR module are able.

You said you want to take EMBS, but the module limit has been reached. The hardware constraints have been reconfigured so that all students wanting to take the EMBS module are able to.

You said you would like a more focused formative feedback sheet. After consultation between students and staff we now have a new sheet for feedback.

You said you would like to meet the module option leaders before we make a firm decision on our final year module options. We did an annual meet & greet for 2nd years, student office staff and module option leaders.

You asked why  you have to do Quantitative Methods and Financial Management / Management Accountancy in the 1st year of our Business and Management BA? We now provide a tailored Business Accounting and Data Criticality focus instead.


 You said you wanted more help with statistical methods. We added weekly drop-in sessions to the departmental research skills modules.

You said you wanted more contact with employers. We incorporated presentations by external organisations into our research seminar series.

You said you wanted a more stable timeline. We now have a dedicated timetabler employed by the department.

You said you wanted your lectures recorded. We provide lecture capture facility for over 80% of our lectures.

You said you wanted to submit your work electronically. We have successfully introduced electronic submission for all coursework.

You said you wanted better and clearer feedback. We developed clear marking criteria and new feedback forms.

You said you want more field trips. New residential field trips have been introduced in Years 1 and 4.

You said you want more small group interactive teaching with more demonstrators and support for assessments. We timetabled small group seminars around assessment and provided more demonstrators.

Health Sciences

Midwifery students asked for reading weeks to be closely aligned to assessments. We ensured these will now be before assessment weeks.

You said postgraduate students would like access to facilities to heat up food. We added an additional microwave to the 2nd floor of the ARRC building.

You said the turnaround time for submitting nursing work was too long. We have reduced the time and amended the assessment schedules accordingly.

You asked if Midwifery students could have extra clinical skills sessions. We ensured extra sessions will be available during the summer vacation period.

You asked if there could be an area for undergraduates to eat and makes drinks in. We arranged for Alcuin JCR to be available.

You said it would be helpful to have easy access to NMC publications. The five main NMC publications are now available from Student Information Services.

You said you wanted postgraduate slides to be available ahead of teaching sessions. Wherever possible, handouts and slides will be on the VLE at least 24 hours before teaching.

You said you wanted NHS student bursary practice placement expense forms. PPE forms are now available free of charge from Student Information Services.


You said you would like more support classes in later years. We provided fortnightly seminars for every third and fourth year module. 

You said you would like a communal space in the Mathematics Department. We renovated the foyer, creating a comfortable area to meet and work with friends of staff.

You said you'd like clearer guidance about how to choose modules for the next year. We created the online Prerequisite Planner to show how modules link between years.

You said masters students would like a space to meet and work. We created an MSc/MMath Study Centre, complete with kitchen and seminar room.

You said you would like to see your exam script after it has been marked. Students now have the opportunity to view exam scripts after they have been marked.

You said you would like more flexibility about when you hand your work in. You can now use the 'handing in boxes' to submit work at any time, not just office hours.

You said it is difficult to find your way around the Department. We've put clear and informative maps of the Department in corridors and by entrances.

You said you don't know the person marking your work. Coursework is now marked and handed back by seminar or tutorial leaders.

Natural Sciences

You said you would like more time to consider the options before being asked to choose next year's modules. You now have two to three weeks longer to think about your module choices.


You said you would like more contiguous time for projects and feedback. We reorganised the timetables to keep a day free for projects and have increased the level of feedback on project plans.

You said you'd like a better understanding of the marking on Physics Practice Questions. In problem classes, you now have the opportunity for more feedback and a chance to discuss Physics Practice Question assessments.

You said you when you have missed a lecture you would like to be able to see it again. Lecture Capture is now opt-out instead of opt-in so almost all of our lectures are online.

You said we'd like to know when assessments will be set and when feedback will be given. We produced a new Assessment Calendar which details assessment and feedback deadlines to help you plan your study time.

You said I would feel more comfortable being prepared for problem classes. We did...


You said you would like to get some programming experience. We introduced the Weekly Psychology Programming Club. Contact Rob Stone for more details.

You said you were concerned that so much of your assessment is based on MCQ exams. The Comprehensive Assessment Strategy clarifies how stage appropriate assessments contribute to the overall degree classification (MCQs

You said, as MPsych students, you would like more project experience. We've introduced the 10 credit third year project to the MPsych programme.

You said you would like more information on how to interpret the feedback on written assessments. We introduced feedback sessions with students once they've received their marks.

You said, as PhD students, you would like more opportunities to talk to external speakers in an informal setting. We organised a regular 'Meet the Speaker' session for PhD students before each talk.

You said you would like more information on how undergraduate work is assessed. We have introduced year specific Open Meetings in Week 5 of every term.

You said, as year 2 students, you would like more time to print out mini project posters in the Summer term. We adapted the schedule to allow more time for students to print their posters.

You said you would like more guidance on essay writing skills. Writing Centre tutors will offer guidance in the Spring term.

Social Sciences


You said, dissertation procedures across the two departments are confusing. We created a new Criminology dissertation module with the same procedures for all Criminology students.

You said induction activities are not Criminology specific enough. We introduced a new Programme Induction and VLE Induction tailored to the needs of Criminology students.

You said choosing option modules in Year 1 and 2 can be confusing across the two departments. We introduced a central process to choose options as well as module taster sessions just for Criminology students.


You said that in your final year you would like even more personalised careers support. We are working with our Careers Consultant and an extra Advisor is in the Department every Friday.

You said you'd like your societies to be more integrated and financial support for the YFC, Equilibrium magazine, York International Development Society, TEDX and Griff Fund. We meet regularly with core societies and we provided financial support as requested.

You said you'd like to understand how academic research is driven by the key concepts you are taught and how that research impacts the wider society and economy. Our new 'research lecture' series explores these issues.

You said you would like to see more Department organised events. We scheduled Distinguished Alumni Series events throughout the 2016/17 year.

You said you would like the Department to widen the use of Lecture Capture for undergraduate modules. The Department will have a default status of Lecture Capture being 'on' from 2017/18.

You said you'd like access to the 'Assessment Day' test site so you can enhance your employability. Practice similar tests to those used by employers are not available.

You said you would like more feedback on issues raised by your Course Reps at various Department meetings. Meeting minutes are now available for students to access on the VLE.

You said you get too many emails with job adverts and would prefer a weekly posting for jobs and careers. We created a careers section in ReminDERS so you can access the information when you want.

You said you would like more of the lectures recorded so that you can listen to them again. We ensured that from 2017-18 lecture capture would be opt-out instead of opt-in so most will be online.

You said you would like the opportunity to see your exam scripts after you receive your mark. We now run script viewing sessions for all year groups, including resit papers.

You said you would like feedback following on from module surveys. Each module on the VLE has a tab to respond to the survey and the module leader will comment on the survey response.

You said teaching scholars having office hours in weeks 1-10 was not useful as the first few weeks were being unused. Office hours now start the same weeks seminars are taught in and continue into the next term to allow for revision questions.

You said there are not enough opportunities to study abroad. We have established a new exchange programme and are looking to add more places for economics students.

You said there is no teaching in the last three weeks of the summer term. We are looking at running a series of talks on exam feedback, research, further study and employability.

You said you would like homework returned with feedback from your seminar tutor. All teaching scholars will provide at least one piece of homework with feedback per module per term.

You said you would like the Department to widen the use of Lecture Capture for Undergraduate Modules. In 2017/18 the Department had a default status of Lecture Capture being 'on'. As a result, the vast majority of lectures are now recorded.

You said you would like to see a larger coursework element to some modules in response to the student feedback. In 2017/18 Macroeconomics 2 and Applied Econometrics both introduced an essay/project element to their assessment.

You said you would like a 3rd year Dissertation module. The Economics Dissertation Module was introduced as an optional module in 2017/18 for all 3rd year students to select.

You said a course on STATA would be helpful in developing your skills. We ran a STATA course in January 2018, this was open to all students to register for and the feedback received was excellent.

You said you want more opportunities to interact with teaching faculty as part of an inclusive academic community. We continued to develop the Research & Alumni Lecture series during 2017/18 in partnership with academic faculty, Societies, current students and alumni.


You said you want clearer submission procedures. We introduced electronic submission.

You said you want clearer submission procedures. We introduced electronic submission.

You said you wanted a module that would be even more relevant to those thinking of teaching than existing provision. We designed an Education and Theory Practice module to link research with educational practice to start in 2017/18.

You said we want to build out confidence in giving public presentations. We introduced group chairing of academic research presentations and related skills training.

You said more flexible skills training would be welcome. We built skills training identified by student representatives and tailored to future destinations into termly registration sessions.

You said even clearer marking criteria would be really useful. We provided more descriptive guidance about marking and are running workshops on how to use the criteria.

You said postgraduate students wanted to receive more timely information about reassessment and submission procedures. We added two briefing sessions on exams and assignments in the second half of the autumn term.

You said postgraduate students wanted to hear more examples of real life research. We added extra seminars in which PhD graduates present their work.

You said you want clearer submission procedures. We introduced electronic submission.

You said you want faster feedback. We reduced turnaround time with electronic feedback.


You said you wanted reliable access to books that will support your studies. We acquired Law Trove to give you regular access to texts relevant to core modules.

The York Management School

You said you would like more exemptions from professional accounting exams. We increased exemptions for ACA Exams and are pursuing more exemptions with other professional bodies.

You said you would like more consistent UCB seminar input. We added summative assessment sessions, by the same lecturer, for all seminars in week 8, term 1.

You said you would like seminars in Quantitative Methods, second term. We added Spring term seminars.

You said you would like more information about the content of elective modules before making choices. We produced key information for each elective and video clips to support these.

You said you don't feel that first year excel sessions should be optional. We embedded the excel sessions into formal management accounting sessions.

You said you want access to Financial Times online. We gave you access and made greater use of Financial Times content across our provision.

You said you would like more coordination around the release of results. We released exam results on the same day and kept you informed when this would happen.

You said you don't just want to sit and listen in lectures. we have introduced quizzes, activities and case studies, where appropriate.

You said you would like to see greater use of the visualiser to illustrate how to approach numerical questions. We have rolled out use of the visualiser across a wider variety of modules.


You said that as postgraduates you would like more appropriate and targetted careers support and advice. We've introduced bespoke PGT careers sessions.

You said you can feel quite isolated when writing your postgraduate dissertations. It would be nice to have more support. We organised two 'shut up and write' events with cake and coffee.

You said you would really like to know what your open assessment questions will be earlier in the term. We ensured that these are now available in Week 1 of each term.

You said that as undergraduates you'd like more guidance when writing theoretical dissertations. We've timetabled a workshop on this topic.

You said it would be really useful to have access to presentation slides ahead of classes. We ensured slides are now available at least one day ahead of time.

You said Year 2 written assessment deadlines are all bunched together in the Spring term. We've staggered deadlines so summative work can be spaced throughout the year.

You said, as first year students, you would like more peer support for academic study skills. We introduced a 'study buddy' scheme, delivered by students and facilitated by staff.

You said we'e prefer consistent groups in first-year seminars. We did...

You said we'd like sessions on how to deal with stress. We did...

You said we'd like Lecture Capture introduced more widely in our Department. We did...

You said we'd like Sociology-related movies shown as part of Sociology Hour. We did...

You said we'd like a better study space in the Department. We did...

You said we'd benefit from more advice on methods for study and writing skills. We did...

Social Policy and Social Work

You said you would like research methods training more strongly embedded within the disciplinary context. We revised the research methods module to fine-tune skills training accordingly.

You said you would like more opportunities to develop your presentation skills. We've increased the variety of assessment methods to boost personal skills development.

You said it isn't always entirely clear in advance when assessment results will be released. We have included these dates in the 'assignment deadlines' document.

You said the need to book fixed appointments with staff undermines the usefulness of office hours. We introduced drop-in office hours.

You said, in the Crime and Criminal Justice programme, you would like more teaching focusing on questions of crime and criminal justice right from the start in year 1. We moved the year 2 module, Understanding Criminal Justice, to year 1 and added a specialist module in year 2.

You said you were less satisfied with library resources. We increased the availability of resources on undergraduate reading lists.

You said you would like more detailed comments on formally assessed work. We added a box to the assignment cover sheet to allow you to request tailored feedback on key points identified by you.

You said you would like more detailed comments on formally assessed work. We introduced a revised marking matrix to make it clearer how you have scored with regards to different marking criteria.

You said you don't think it's fair to restrict access to option modules. We removed the cap on student numbers for option modules.

You said you'd like more input with regard to available library resources. We've provided addition resources in response to student feedback.

School of Social and Political Sciences

You said that as first years you would like a better departmental induction. We've improved our induction event with introductions to all four departments.

You said you would like more guidance on writing essays for multiple departments. We now run an essay writing skills workshop for 1st and 2nd year students.

You said you want to graduate with Politics students in the same ceremony. From 2015, Social and Political Science students graduate with Politics students.

You said, as first years, you would like a better department induction and more guidance on essay writing and assessment. We've improved our induction and tour, and given more guidance on essays and assessments.

You said you want to be able to submit work online across all departments and modules. All our collaborative departments allow online submissions this year.

Support Services


 ‌You said you would like to book a temporary room on campus in the summer vacation. We now take bookings at a student rate for a week or more.

You said you want to vacate your room later than 9am. We increased the departure time to 12 noon for most residents.

You said there wasn't enough clear information when you arrived on campus. We have created a Residents' Handbook for every resident.

You said when you arrived the checking in process took too long. We helped to check students in, freeing up college receptions and reducing queues.

You said you want more flexible let lengths for Nursing and Midwifery students. We reduced your let length from 51 to 40 weeks, but we guarantee accommodation if you do wish to stay on campus during summer.

You said you wanted to live on campus in your second and third year. We made even more rooms available on campus for upper year students.

You said you don't want to apply for accommodation in a rush after results day. New students can apply from May, rather than having to wait for their A Level results.

You said you want more ways to communicate with the Accommodation team. We added live chat to our website.

You said you want more ways to communicate with the Accommodation team. We introduced Twitter and Facebook accounts.

You said you want to live on campus in your second and third years. We've built extra accommodation to make even more rooms available on campus for upper year students.

You said you wanted to live in your own college in your second and third year. We increased the number of rooms available in a college when we received more applications.

You said you weren't able to select the room type you wanted when you applied for accommodation. We introduced a preference-based system to allow you to select and rank more of our room options.

Academic Support Office

You said you would like more lectures recorded and available online. More rooms are equipped for scheduled lecture capture and staff can also use their laptops.

Audio Visual Services

You said there should be better instructions for using the equipment in teaching and meeting rooms. We have rolled out contact detail and instruction cards to central teaching rooms, and we're reviewing instructions and signage.

You said Replay lecture capture should be available in more rooms. We have expanded the lecture recording service and have provided an alternative for unequipped rooms.

You said projectors are sometimes unreliable. We have introduced monitoring for all networkable AV systems across campus to help us track problems.


You said students with disabilities need to access the fairs before they get busy. We opened the fairs 30 minutes earlier for you.

You said it's too difficult to book an appointment. We now offer two hours of drop-in you don't need to book.

You said you would like a broader range of subject opportunities for secondary school placements. We have offered more places at secondary school level this year than ever before.

You said it would be great to have more volunteering roles related to my course and future career direction. This year we offered new roles in mental health, social justice, social care and advocacy.

You said you'd like more skills sessions related to volunteering placements and the third sector. We did workshops on working with vulnerable young people and ethical volunteering.

You said not being able to book appointments in advance is frustrating. We brought the booking window forward so that you can book a day in advance.

You said you want to print in the information room in the Careers Centre. We now have a networked printer in the Careers Centre.

You said, we want careers support for taught postgraduates. We did...

You said, the recruitment fairs don't cater for life sciences. We did...

You said, we get too many emails form careers and placements. We did...

You said, schools need more support for young people with their GCSEs. We did...

Commercial Services

You said it is inconvenient that shops and cafes on campus close over the holidays. We now make sure there are shops and cafes open outside of term time.

Information Services

You said you sometimes feel chilly in the Library. We've provided blankets. Help yourself.

You said smoking rules outside the Library entrance are not being followed. We're checking on this more often and putting up clearer signs.

You said you would like us to add a 'Renew All' option in YorSearch so you can renew all your loans at once. This option is now available, except for Interlending items.

You said the bench desks in the Burton rarely get used because they have no power sockets. We installed power sockets at these desks.

You said that the cleanliness of the University Library isn't always up to scratch. We're working with colleagues in Campus Services to improve this.

You asked if you could have water provided at the King's Manor Library. A water dispenser is now available - bring your own cup.

You said you would really like the Burton to stay open past 10pm. The Burton is now open 24 hours a day.

You said you'd like to have some plants in the Library. We now have plants in the Library.

You said it wasn't convenient to return library books when based at Campus East. We've provided a book drop point in the Ron Cooke Hub.

You said students studying at King's Manor struggle to get books that are in the main University Library. We've introduced a Book Delivery service to bring books from the University Library to King's Manor Library (and vice versa).

You said you need IT support in the evenings and at weekends. We now offer IT support at the Library and IT Help Desk until 7pm on weekdays and 10am-6pm at the weekend.

You said you need more silent study spaces. We're providing 50 extra spaces in the Burton Reading Room from April 2016.

Centre for Lifelong Learning

You said the room layout was not as good as previous courses. Most courses are now located in the Spring Lane Building. These rooms provide the flexibility to change the layout to suit the class.

You said you wanted different types of assessment. We have asked all tutors to consider a wider variety of non-essay assessments.

You said referencing in essays has been a challenge. As well as formative assessments, students can also access The Writing Centre for additional support.

You said there are limited library resources. We have held the budget for resources and circulated details of the library's MoreBooks scheme.

Maths Skills Centre

You said there should be more access to Maths and Stats support before exam periods. We have extended the Maths Skills Centre drop-in opening hours during busier times.

You said understanding Statistics and using SPSS is difficult. We developed four workshops to run five times a year that clarify basic Stats and SPSS.

Space Management

You said replay lecture capture should be available in more rooms. We have expanded the lecture recording service to make it available in over 140 venues, and have provided an alternaive service for unequipped rooms.

You said there aren't enough waste bins in the Spring Lane Building. We've installed extra bins as required, including some new external bins.

You said it would be useful to have magnets for the Spring Lane Building whiteboards. We've put magnets in every seminary room in the building.

You said you could not find the Spring Lane Building on the campus map. You can now find the building on the printed map as well as the interactive campus map.

You said you would like to be able to get snacks and drinks in the Spring Lane Building. We've installed water fountains and vending machines for snacks and hot drinks.

You said you'd like clocks in the Spring Lane Building seminar rooms. We've added clocks to each seminar room.

Student Support

You said you would like to learn how to manage your money and boost employability. We've teamed up with Blackbullion to provide online training. Visit to sign up.

You said booking appointments to talk to specialist advisers is too difficult. We now offer drop-in sessions throughout term time.

You said it would be easier to attend Open Door workshops if they were delivered in colleges. A wide range of workshops are now delivered in colleges.

You said, as mature students, we'd like a 'buddy' we can chat to and ask questions about university life. We did...

You said, as students with caring responsibilities, we'd like to meet others with similar circumstances.

You said, we'd like shorter, more relevant induction talks for international undergraduates. We did...

Open door

You said, we'd like more options and flexibility regarding appointments with Open Door. We did...

Timetabling Services

You said you find it hard to access your timetable. We've started a review of the Timetabling Gateway and will produce a plan of how to improve it.

You said timetable changes too frequently. We're developing stronger links between timetabling and academic departments.

You said PGCE students don't have a personal timetable. All PGCE students will have their personal timetable from 2015/16 onwards.