The University’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion is a central thread in the new University Strategy which will steer us through the next decade.

Our future success will depend on the strength of the shared purpose that exists across the University community. That in turn needs us to remove barriers and create opportunities to ensure that every single member of our community is able to achieve their potential. 

This is one of the reasons we have chosen, in addition to our obligation to report on our gender pay gap, also to report voluntarily on our ethnicity pay gap this year. We should be transparent about the equality challenge we face, and hold ourselves accountable for bringing about the changes we need to make. These initial data reports on our ethnicity pay gap make uncomfortable reading. But they also provide a baseline against which we can and must challenge and measure ourselves. 

In 2021, the University Executive Board commissioned a detailed analysis on the causes of our gender pay gap and agreed an action plan to tackle it. We are starting to see the change we need with a decrease in both the mean and median pay gaps this year, and more women moving into professorial positions. These changes are welcome, but there is still much more to do, in particular in equalising representation in all the professorial pay bands. 

You should hold me and the Executive Board to account in reducing these pay gaps, but if we are to achieve our ambition as a truly diverse, inclusive and equal community, we must all play our part. I urge you to read page 13 of the report to see how you, too, can help support the actions we have identified as ways to reduce our Gender and Ethnicity pay gaps.
Professor Charlie Jeffery,
Vice-Chancellor and President
The Athena Swan charter recognises work undertaken to address gender equality.

Pay gap report 2021 document