Appeals and complaints

The University of York is committed to ensuring a high-quality student experience. While the majority of our students enjoy their time here, we recognise there may be times when we need to review a decision or how we manage our services. The best way to resolve a problem is to raise it as early as possible and with the people involved. If you have a concern or issue, please tell your department or the relevant service in the first instance so that it has the opportunity to respond. If it can’t be resolved the University has procedures in place to ensure your concerns are listened to and dealt with fairly.

The University of York is a member of the Office of the Independent Adjudicator's (OIA) complaints review scheme.  Further information about the OIA is available on the OIA website:

Which procedure should I use?

The appeals procedure is for requesting a review of a decision about your academic progress, e.g. an assessment mark, a progression decision such as failing a module or the year, or the calculation of your degree. You can only appeal if you believe there has been a procedural irregularity or if the assessment was affected by exceptional circumstances and you have a good reason for not declaring them at the appropriate time. You cannot appeal against the academic judgement of your work (the marker’s opinion).

You can use the complaints procedure to express dissatisfaction about your experience of any academic or non-academic service you have received as a student. Possible outcomes if your complaint is upheld are that we may offer an apology, provide an explanation, fix an administrative error, make changes to a service or process, or offer compensation. We cannot overturn an academic decision as a result of a complaint.


You cannot Appeal against an academic judgement of your work (the marker’s opinion) under the Academic Appeals Procedure.

You can appeal against a procedural error in arriving at the academic decision or on the basis of exceptional circumstances affecting assessment if you have a good reason for not declaring these at the appropriate time.

Making an academic appeal

Which regulations apply to the appeals procedure?


You may Complain about your experience of any academic or non academic service you have received as a student.

If you are not happy with the outcome of an initial investigation of your complaint you can pursue your complaint further under the formal Complaints Procedure.

Making a complaint

There are three stages to making a complaint: informal, formal and review of the formal stage.

This flow chart shows each step of the complaints procedure: Complaints procedure flow chart (PDF , 1,286kb)

YUSU (for undergraduates) and the GSA (for postgraduates) both offer specialist advice free of charge to help you with the complaints and appeals processes. For further information see: