Academic Appeals - Overview

Academic appeals are appeals against academic decisions. These are typically failure to progress, degree classification or decisions of an Exceptional Circumstances Committee Students may also appeal against other Board of Studies or Standing Academic Misconduct Panel decisions, but may not appeal against the academic judgement of their examiners. If a student is unhappy about the provision of a service, such as teaching quality, supervision, campus facilities or accommodation, this is handled via the Complaints process.

Once a degree classification or progression decision (e.g. failure) has been ratified by a Board of Examiners, an academic department is no longer able to amend the decision internally. In most cases, the remaining option for students to challenge a decision is through the appeals process. YUSU or the GSA should be consulted on how to proceed as they offer support throughout the appeals process.

Appeals must be submitted within 28 days of the decision and students must follow the Academic Appeal process (appeals procedures). Appeals can be submitted on the basis of a procedural irregularity and/or previously undisclosed exceptional circumstances.

To submit an appeal,  students should submit a Formal Stage appeal using the Formal Stage appeal form. An online form is available : Formal Stage Appeal Form

Before submitting an academic appeal students are encouraged to read carefully the guidance attached to the appeal form and the  Policy on Communications in Relation to Academic Appeals and Formal Complaints (MS Word , 29kb). Any data students share as part of their academic appeals will be treated in accordance with the University statement on data protection, which can be viewed at:

Students who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their Formal Stage appeal have 10 calendar days from being formally notified of that outcome to submit a Review Stage appeal. Students should only complete this form if they have received a Formal Stage Appeal Outcome letter. An online form is available: Review Stage Appeal Form

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

Alternatively, please contact:

  • Student Hub
    Student Hub, Market Square
  • Tel: 01904 324140
  • Office hours: 9am - 5pm (Monday to Friday) in Undergraduate term-time, at all other times 10am-4pm 

Who to contact for advice

YUSU Academic and Welfare Co-ordinator -
GSA Representation, Advice and Welfare Co-ordinator -

Academic Appeal Formal and Review Stages - Guidance documents

Formal Stage guidance

00 - Appeal Form Map (PDF , 557kb)

01 - Guide to Using Appeal Form (PDF , 77kb)

02 - Appealing Against (PDF , 73kb)

03 - Exceptional Circumstances Appeal Guidance (PDF , 120kb)

04 - Procedural Irregularity Appeal Guidance (PDF , 108kb)

05 ECC Decisions Appeal Guidance (PDF , 74kb)
06 - Academic Misconduct Appeal Guidance (PDF , 110kb)
07 - Late Submission of EC claim - Appeal Guidance (PDF , 96kb)

Review Stage guidance

A simple guide to using the Review Stage academic appeal form (PDF , 79kb)

Guidance - I am appealing against (Review) (PDF , 57kb)

Procedural Irregularity guidance - Review (PDF , 135kb)

New Evidence guidance - Review (PDF , 118kb)

Reasonableness guidance - Review (PDF , 64kb)