University of York Library Regulations


1. For the purposes of these Regulations, the University Library comprises the collections, services and facilities provided on the premises of the University Library on the University’s Heslington and King’s Manor campuses and elsewhere; and the services and resources provided at any location, directly or indirectly, by the University Library across the campus network or the Internet.

Legal and compliance

2. Admission to and licence to remain on University Library premises, and use of University Library services and facilities, are conditional upon observance of these Regulations. Any breach of these Regulations and any other misconduct relating to the University Library may result in further action being taken in accordance with the University's general disciplinary regulations or legal action in the case of non-University members.

3. University cards and Library Cards are not transferable. Items can only be issued to a valid University or Library Card which carries the photograph and/or name of the bearer unless an arrangement has been agreed with the Library for someone to borrow items on the member’s behalf. Users must take all reasonable care of the card to prevent damage, loss, theft or misuse.

4. Users must comply with all relevant legal requirements when copying, printing, scanning and using electronic resources. Legal requirements include those relating to copyright, publisher and information provider licences, data protection and computer misuse.

5. A member can ask about activity on their own Library Account. Under normal circumstances information about a member’s Library Account cannot be disclosed to a third party without the express permission of the member. The University may disclose account information to some authorities as allowed by legislation such as in the case of suspected criminal activity. The University may use account information to contact a member to obtain feedback on their borrowing experience (members may opt out). Information on the Library’s use of members’ data and how to opt out is available on the Library Data Protection Statement web page.


6. Use of the Library for borrowing is normally permitted for registered members only.

7. Use of the Library for reference is open to all, except during the periods specified on the Library web pages when access is only available to members with a University card or Library Card.

8. Membership is available as described on the Library Membership web page. A charge for registration may be made for certain membership categories, including non-members of the University.

9. Members are issued with a University card or a Library Card which must be carried at all times. The card must be produced each time an item is borrowed, shown on request to any member of University staff or their representative, and used to gain entry to the Library at times when access is restricted to card holders only.

10. A charge will be made for the replacement of a University card or Library Card which has been lost or which through damage is made unusable. The member remains responsible for items issued using the card unless the Library has been informed of the loss.

11. All Library correspondence for University members will be sent to their University email account. Correspondence for non-University members will be sent to the email or postal address specified on registration. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure that changes of postal and email address are notified to the University (University members) or the Library (non-members of the University).

12. Users are expected to check My Library Account on the Library Catalogue, post and/or email daily and respond to Library notices.

13. In accordance with publisher licences, only full members of the University who are also entitled to University IT accounts will have access to all electronic resources. Other members and visitors may be granted walk-in access to a limited number of electronic resources as described on the Library web pages.

14. Late payment of fines or other charges which cause an invoice to be issued may incur an additional administration charge.


15. Users must comply with the rules as to loan entitlements and loan periods, return dates, recall periods, renewal conditions and other borrowing activities which are published on the Library web pages.

16. No item may be removed from the Library without the loan being recorded on My Library Account. Library staff are authorised to examine items and bags if a user activates the security system when leaving the Library. Unauthorised removal of any item from the Library may result in further action being taken in accordance with the University's general disciplinary regulations or legal action.

17. Members are at all times responsible for any items which have been issued in their name and this responsibility ends only when the item has been returned to the Library and the issue record has been cancelled.

18. Borrowed items must always be available for return if requested by another user. Items must not be taken outside the United Kingdom without the written permission of an authorised member of Library staff.

19. All items borrowed from the Library must be returned, or the loan period renewed, by the due date and time shown for that item on My Library Account.

20. The Library may recall items issued to any member if the item in question is requested by other members or is required for another purpose. In such cases, items must be returned by the new due date and time specified on the request notice sent to the borrower and shown on My Library Account. If the borrower cannot visit the Library to return a requested item they must ask someone else to return the item or return the item by post unless alternative arrangements have been agreed in writing by Library staff.

21. Users may be required to pay fines in accordance with the rules published on the Library web pages, including the late return of requested items, and may be required to pay a Lost Item Charge or other compensation if items are not returned following reminders from the Library. Borrowing rights may also be suspended until the item is returned. Fines and other charges are published as regulations on the Library web pages.

22. The use of any items borrowed through the Interlending and Document Supply Service is governed at all times by the regulations of the lending library.

23. Members leaving the University must return all books on loan and pay all outstanding charges before the end of their course or before they leave.


24. Members and other visitors are expected to behave with consideration for other users of the Library and should not cause disturbance to others who are studying. Any user who is disturbed by another user should inform a member of staff so that appropriate action can be taken. Any person behaving inconsiderately or inappropriately may be required to leave immediately by an authorised member of Library or University staff. This includes disturbance from outside the building.

25. Reservation of work spaces is not permitted (except bookable single and group studies). Items left unattended beyond the time specified on the Library Behaviour web pages will be removed and stored securely for reclaim at the Library Help Desk.

26. If an item becomes marked, defaced or damaged while in the user’s care they will be required to pay a Lost Item Charge and/or other compensation. Users who damage other Library property may be required to pay for repairs or replacement. Damage caused by a user may result in further action being taken in accordance with the University's general disciplinary regulations or legal action.

27. Smoking and use of electronic smoking devices (ESD) is not permitted in the Library or within two metres of any part of the outside of the building (University Smoke-free Policy) or in the extended designated and signed no smoking zone outside the building.

28. The consumption of food and drink (except alcohol) is permitted, but only in designated areas of the Library as described on signs in the building and on the Library Behaviour web pages.

29. The use of mobile devices to make and receive voice or video calls is permitted, but only in designated areas of the Library as described on signs in the building and on the Library Behaviour web pages.

30. Display materials, filming, photography, surveys and other materials and events are permitted, but only in the circumstances described in the Library web pages.


31. The Library Regulations are owned by the Information Directorate.

32. Library Committee is consulted over changes to the Library Regulations.

33. Information Strategy Group approves changes to the Library Regulations.

Supporting documents

34. This document is available at:

35. University Ordinances and Regulations

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37. University Card for Staff

38. University of York Library Data Protection Statement

39. University Smoke-free Policy

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