University of York Library Regulations


1. The purpose of these Regulations is to help to ensure an appropriate study, learning and research environment for Members.

2. In these Regulations, the University Library is defined as the premises, collections, services and facilities of the University Library.

3. In these Regulations, Members are defined as anyone visiting or using the premises, collections, services or facilities of the University Library.

4. These Regulations apply to all Members and to Staff of the University Library.

5. The University Library will follow its published procedure if a Member or Staff disregards these Regulations.


6. Anyone may apply to join the University Library as a borrowing Member.

7. Anyone may use the University Library for reference as an access Member.

8. The University may restrict reference access from time to time. Such restrictions will be published one calendar month in advance of the restriction coming into force.

9. Members are responsible for their membership cards. The University reserves the right to charge for replacement cards following the University Library’s published procedure.

10. Members may not lend or otherwise transfer their membership cards to anyone.

11. The University Library will communicate with Members using the method and address specified on their membership application. For University staff and students the University Library will use the Member’s University email address.

12. Members are responsible for making sure that the University Library has their current address and contact details.

13. The University Library may not disclose the information it holds about a Member except when authorised by the Member concerned, in response to a legal requirement to do so, in circumstances when the Member might be in breach of these or other University Regulations, or where there are legitimate grounds to do so in relation to the health, safety or security of the Member.


14. Members are responsible for the items they borrow for the whole period during which the items are recorded as on loan to the Member.

15. Members may not lend items they borrow to anyone.

16. Members are required to report to the University Library any losses of, or damage to, items they have borrowed, as soon as possible. In the event of losses or damage the University Library will follow its published procedure.

17. Members must respond promptly to requests for recall of items. In the event of failure to do so, the University Library will follow its published procedure.

18. Members may not remove any item from the University Library without following the loan procedure. The University Library will follow its published procedure if an unauthorised loan is detected.

19. Members must present bags, coats or other items for examination by University Library staff if the security system is activated when a Member leaves the University Library.

20. Members may not take borrowed items outside the United Kingdom without obtaining prior permission from the University Library following the University Library’s published procedure.

21. Members must observe the regulations of the originating library when using the University Library’s Interlending and Document Supply Service.

22. Members must return all items and pay all outstanding fees and charges before their membership ceases.

Study and research

23. Borrowing Members may use all the resources of the University Library unless resources are designated or licensed as restricted.

24. Access Members may use electronic resources while they are on University Library premises except where the publisher imposes access restrictions.

25. Members are responsible for complying with legal requirements, such as copyright, and publisher regulations when copying, printing, scanning or otherwise reproducing or accessing published works.

26. The University Library must provide guidance for Members to help in complying with legal requirements and publisher regulations.

27. Members must behave with consideration for other Members and University Library Staff.

28. Members who observe breaches of behaviour protocols by another Member or by University Library Staff may inform University Library Staff following this procedure.

29. Members behaving inconsiderately or inappropriately in, or near to, University Library premises may be required to leave by University Library staff.

30. Members must not leave items unattended at desks, workstations, study rooms or elsewhere. University Library staff will remove unattended items to a safe place following the published procedure.

31. Members may not reserve work spaces for themselves or others.

32. Members may not mark items in any way.

33. Members may eat and drink only in designated areas of the University Library.

34. Members must not use alcohol or other drugs on University Library premises.

35. Members may make and receive voice or video calls only in designated areas of the University Library.

36. Members may film, survey, hold exhibitions, events, and undertake other activities only as provided in the published procedure.


37. The University Library Regulations are owned by the Information Directorate.

38. Information Strategy Group approves changes to the University Library Regulations.

Supporting documents

34. This document is available at:

35. University Ordinances and Regulations

36. Your University Card [students]

37. University Card for Staff

38. University of York Library Data Protection Statement

39. University Smoke-free Policy

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Updated 6 December 2016
Review cycle Two years (alongside Library Data Protection Statement)
Date of next review December 2018

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