Lost Items and exceptions

We don't charge fines for the late return of Flexible Loan items. We only apply charges for lost items.

The Lost Item Charge will apply if you tell us that you've lost something that you had on loan, or if we mark an item as Considered Lost. The Lost Item Charge is made up of the replacement cost of the item, plus a £10 inconvenience charge.

Note that if you have charges of £50 or more you will be unable to borrow or renew items.

You can pay library charges online here

You can also pay charges at the self-issue machine on Floor 0 of the Morrell (next to the large Morrell sign), and the self-issue machine at King's Manor Library.

When do we mark items as Considered Lost

An item is marked as Considered Lost when:

  • it is requested but not returned within the required period
  • it is not renewed or returned within 70 days of the due date 


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If you return an item that is Considered Lost, you won't have to pay the replacement cost, but you will still owe the £10 inconvenience charge. This remains payable to reflect the inconvenience to other Library users and the staff time involved in the process.

If you have paid for a Lost or Considered Lost item and subsequently find it, you will not be refunded the cost of the item, but can keep the item.

Exceptions policy

We have an exceptions policy which is designed to take account of specific circumstances and charges will normally be waived in line with the circumstances described below.

A check will be made of your Library Account. The waiver will only be applied once per user.

Students are requested to provide one of the following:

  • follow the self-certification procedure
  • provide a medical certificate
  • provide confirmation from their department of their medical absence.

For non student users, no formal evidence is required.

No formal evidence required.

Users are requested to provide confirmation from their department.

Waivers will only be applied in cases where specific arrangements have been confirmed through the Disability Services or arranged directly with the Library.

This include major transport incidents and cancelled flights. This does not include every-day issues such as traffic congestion, missed buses or trains.

Waivers in these circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

Users are requested to provide evidence that the crime has been reported officially, eg. crime report number.

No evidence required.

No evidence required.

Records will be maintained of waivers applied in these circumstances and we may contact members of staff who repeatedly use this exception in order to understand how we might support them going forward.

Circumstances not normally accepted

Email and internet issues

We encourage you to check your emails and Library Account often and we regularly send out reminders for items on loan and lost items. If you think you are not receiving our communications or are having trouble viewing your online account, please get in touch.

Because of this, we do not usually allow exceptions in these circumstances:

  • Forgetting to check emails and Library Account
  • Email reminders not received, where the Library has a record of reminders sent
  • Temporary loss of internet access

Away from campus

We advise that Library items should not be taken out of the UK and encourage you to make arrangements before travelling. Our Postal Loans service allows you to return your books from anywhere in the world and we will pay the cost of postage.

Because of this, we do not usually allow exceptions in these circumstances:

  • Away from campus at a conference or on placement
  • Living at a distance
  • Going on holiday
  • International students at home during vacations

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