Requesting items on YorSearch

You do not need to request books if they're available on the shelves - just find them and borrow them yourself using our self-issue machines. 

However, if all copies of the book you need are out on loan, then you can request it via YorSearch, the library catalogue. You can also get books delivered between libraries. This page will briefly explain how all this works. 

Requesting on-loan items via YorSearch

When all the copies of a book you need are out on loan, you can Request the item in YorSearch. This means the people who have it on loan will be asked to bring it back sooner, and you'll get to read it earlier. When a copy of the book becomes available, we'll email you and you can come and collect it from the Library. 

It is absolutely fine to do this! Some people feel hesitant about recalling items at first, but it's all part of how the Flexible Loans system works. Remember to keep an eye on your own emails, in case a book you have on loan is recalled.

To request an on-loan item you need to be logged in to YorSearch (you can do this via the link in the top right corner of the catalogue), and then click on the book you need. You'll see a screen like this:

Item record for an on loan book, with a big 'Request this item' link

When you click Request this item you will then be able to choose where to collect it from.

You can request up to 10 items at one time, and it doesn't matter which specific copy of an item you request - the first copy returned will be kept for you. If other people have already requested the same item you will join the queue. You can see how many requests have already been made by looking at the No. of requests column next to the Request link on the Library Catalogue

Collecting your requested item

When the item you requested is returned, we'll email you with details of where to pick it up and how long it will be reserved for you.

You'll need your University Card or Library Card to collect your item from the hold shelf on the ground floor of Morrell or King's Manor Library. You can find your item by the code on the slip inside the book.

Your code will be made up of:

  • the first three letters of your last name (or two letters if your last name is two letters long).
  • and the last three digits of your card number. This is printed on the reverse of your University card.

Eg For John Smith with a card number of 1234567, the code would be SMI-567.

Cancelling a requested item

If you no longer need an item you have requested, please cancel your request.

  • Log in to YorSearch and go to Library Account 
  • Select Requests
  • Click Cancel next to the relevant item
  • Select Yes

If the item is on the hold shelf waiting for you to collect it, please let us know you no longer need it.

Requesting available items for delivery to other library locations 

The Request this item link is also available in YorSearch when the book is available. This is because we offer a service which allows you to pick up our books at your preferred location: if the book you need is in the University Library on Campus West, we can deliver it to King's Manor Library if that's where you're based, or the other way around. 

If you want to use this service you are very welcome to do so. Please note though, that you don't need to request available items if they're already in the location you want

We hope this all makes sense, but if you have any questions please get in touch. 

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