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Leave the University

If you wish to withdraw from your course and leave the University, you should complete the Request to Withdraw task on e:Vision

Leaving the University is an important decision so we want to make sure that you are aware of all the options available and that you have access to the right advice and support. Therefore once you complete the task, a Trained Leaver Contact will make initial contact with you within a couple of working days to see if you would like to arrange an appointment to discuss your withdrawal.

An appointment will be offered within an appropriate timescale of the initial contact. If after your conversation with a Trained Leaver Contact you still wish to withdraw, you will be asked to finalise your withdrawal on e:vision.

When the Confirmation of Withdrawal has been processed, you will receive an email confirming your last date of engagement and the date of the withdrawal being processed.

The date of withdrawal is your last day of attendance, there may be occasions where we will contact your department to confirm this date. You will have access to your University computing account and email for 30 days after your withdrawal date.

Fees & funding

Once your Confirmation of Withdrawal is complete, your fees will be recalculated and you will be invoiced for any outstanding tuition fees or refunded any surplus.

Student loans and funding
You must inform tell us if you receive funding from an external source such as research council studentships, foreign loans, sponsors, scholarships, charities, and so on.

Withdrawing will affect your remaining entitlement to financial support if you want to return to Higher Education at a later date. It is also important you understand how withdrawal will affect the funding you have received. For example, if you have been given funds for maintenance, you may have to repay these on a pro-rata basis.

Foreign loans
If you receive funding from a foreign student loan you should clarify the consequences that a withdrawal will have on your repayment status.

US Loans
Make sure you contact Student Financial Support for advice. Some of the loan money paid to you may have to be repaid to the University upon withdrawal. US Loan web pages show details of the calculation and failure to immediately repay this money is a Federal Offence. Further information on US loans.

Student Visa holders

Student Visa holders

If you are a Student Visa holder your right to remain in the UK will be affected by a withdrawal. You must consult with an Immigration Adviser before withdrawing.

The University is required to report a withdrawal for an international student to UK Visas and Immigration within 10 days of the final day of attendance.

For more information see the Immigration Advice pages.


University accommodation
Under the Student Terms and Conditions of Residence, you may terminate your accommodation agreement early if you withdraw from the University. You will need to give notice to Accommodation Services. Find out more about requesting to vacate.

Council tax
If you withdraw you will lose your Council tax exemption status from the last date of attendance quoted on the withdrawal form. For more information please see the Council Tax advice on the website.

Private accommodation
If you are in private accommodation, you should notify your landlord.

Assumed withdrawal

Assumed Withdrawal

If you stop attending lectures or seminars and do not respond to emails, your Department’s Board of Studies may recommend Student Services withdraw your University registration.

In addition, if you are on Leave of Absence and do not inform the University that you intend to return, you will be assumed to have withdrawn.

It is important you keep your details up-to-date in e:Vision so the University can contact you without delay. If you do not respond within the allotted time period, the withdrawal will be processed and confirmed by Student Services.

You would then have the usual right of appeal against the Student Services action.

If you respond and wish to continue your programme the Board of Studies will be informed and asked to consider your request.


Termination of studies

If you are academically or professionally unsatisfactory, the Board of Studies can recommend your programme end early. Reasons could include poor attendance or failing too many parts of the programme. You have the usual right of appeal against the Special Cases Committee action.

If you have failed to meet a published progression hurdle that is required to continue which is a requirement to continue into the next year, the Department will notify the University Examinations Office who will send a letter explaining that you cannot continue on your programme and explaining your right of appeal.

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

The Student Advisers in the Student Hub  provide advice and support on a wide range of issues.

Student Hub


t: +44 (0)1904 324140