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Academic progress issues

An Academic progress issue is anything which gets in the way of you progressing through your degree programme in the usual way. 

This could be you have illness or personal difficulties that interfere with you undertaking one or more formal assessments (including examinations) or meeting attendance or progression requirements. This may involve you presenting evidence of  Exceptional Circumstances affecting Assessment.

Your supervisor is usually the best person for you to discuss such difficulties with as they will often need to start any processes to address progression issues, in consultation with colleagues in your department.

Please see further information for:

Students on taught programmes

Research students (PhD, DEng, MPhil, MRes)

HYMS students

In the unlikely event that we need to substantially change or terminate a course, we have the Student Protection Plan in place to protect students who are affected by any proposed changes. This plan has been approved by the Office for Students.

A student talks to an advisor about academic progress (Image: John Houlihan)

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

Alternatively, please contact:

  • Student Hub
    Student Hub, Market Square
  • Tel: 01904 324140
  • Office Hours: Term time: 9am - 5pm, Monday to Thursday, 10am - 5pm Friday
    Office hours: Vacation: 10am - 4pm, Monday to Friday