Skills to succeed in your studies

Student working alone on a laptop in the Fiarhurst

As well as your subject knowledge, you'll need to develop a range of additional academic skills to succeed in your studies. The University offers a range of support to help you develop these skills, including online resources, workshops, 1:1 support and more.

Develop your skills

Writing & Language Skills Centre

Support to develop your academic and writing skills and uplift your English language.

Academic integrity

Tutorials and guidance to help you reference your work correctly and display good academic practice.

Peer Assisted Learning

Develop your employability skills by leading sessions to support other students in your department.

Maths Skills Centre

Workshops and 1:1 support to help you develop your maths and statistics skills and prepare for numeracy tests.

Library & Information

Search for books and journals, access materials for your department and manage your references.

Employability skills

Develop your skills, build on your strengths and stand out from the crowd through York Futures.

Skills Guides

Online resources focusing on developing academic reading and writing skills and becoming a critical thinker.

IT skills

Develop essential IT skills and learn to use a range of software packages to support your written work.

Languages for All

From Latin to Chinese, take your language skills to the next level with a Languages for All course.