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Maths Skills Centre

The Maths Skills Centre is a free service for all students.  Although we don't offer advice on individual assessed questions, we can help you with mathematics or statistics content within a particular module.

Covid-19 update

The Maths Skills Centre services are now online.

You can book appointments on the online booking system as normal and we'll e-mail you a link to a virtual meeting. You can share your screen (data, workings or software output) during these meetings.

Statistics workshops (SPSS, R and STATA) and Numerical Reasoning resources are now available on the VLE.

Any questions e-mail


We are running online appointments for all students for guidance on maths and statistics topics. 


The Statistics workshops on SPSS, STATA and R are now online for independent study with a discussion forum on VLE for any queries. Numerical Reasoning for employability workshop will be online shortly. 

Go to the Maths Skills Centre VLE for all the resources.

Online resources

Need help now? Can't get to campus? Check out these online maths and stats resources.

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