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Charlie Jeffery is the University's Vice-Chancellor

Professional Services

Professional Services are overseen by Chief Operating Officer Dr Joss Ivory, and deliver a wide portfolio of professional services for the University. 

Technology, Estates and Facilities

Harvey Dowdy, Director of Technology, Estates and Facilities (DTEF)

Planning and Risk

Student and Academic Services

Tom Banham, Interim Academic Registrar

Professional Services Delivery

Part of the University's Strategic Change Programme, the Professional Services Delivery project is considering how we organise and deliver Professional Services, to create a well-respected University-wide professional services community that is joined up across the organisation and works together for the benefit of the University as a whole.

Professional Services Support Officers

A flexible resource that can be deployed on a temporary, short term basis where needed the most within Central Professional Services.

Human Resources

Rachael Millhouse, Director of Human Resources

Research and Enterprise

Justine Daniels, Director of Research, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (RIKE)

External Relations

Joan Concannon, Director of External Relations


The Finance department sits outside Professional Services but works closely with directorates. Finance also encompasses the Legal Services team.

Governance and Assurance

The Governance and Assurance Office was formed in June 2019 and sits within the Vice-Chancellor's Office, working closely with Professional Services.