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Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions and Outreach (MRAO)

Our goal is to promote the University's study opportunities, engage with schools and colleges, increase access and outreach and manage applications and admissions.

We are responsible for:

  • Delivering best in class student recruitment marketing
  • Enhancing UK recruitment and admissions
  • Providing activities and engagement opportunities for schools, parents and teachers
  • Widening access and participation to students under-represented in higher education

Our teams

The Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions and Outreach is Melissa Nurcombe.

Student recruitment and marketing

Responsible for student recruitment content, advertising and events.

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Responsible for supporting the Marketing, Recruitment, Admissions and Outreach teams.

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Responsible for managing and processing student applications.

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Access and outreach

Responsible for activities and engagement opportunities to widen participation in higher education

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