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Faculty of Sciences

Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences. We are proud of our internationally renowned research, our excellent teaching and our thriving interdisciplinary research culture. This is exemplified by our large range of research centres, many of which are cross-disciplinary and at the forefront of current research trends. We are looking forward to the opening for our new flagship research facility - The Institute for Safe Autonomy in Spring 2022. Many of our departments are in the UK Top Ten as well as being dedicated to the Athena SWAN charter. We are also proud to be a signatory of the Technician Commitment initiative to ensure visibility, recognition, career development and sustainability for technicians working in higher education and research, across all disciplines.

Professor Brian Fulton, Dean of the Faculty of Sciences

Dean's support group

Brian Fulton Professor Brian Fulton

Professor Andy Dougill
(Incoming) Dean

Professor Sarah Thompson
Associate Dean (Research)
+44 (0)1904 322252

Dr Steve King
Associate Dean (Teaching, Learning and Students)

+44 (0)1904 325420

Sam Bayley
Head of Faculty Operations (Sciences)

+44 (0)1904 324295

Nik Williams
HR Partner 

 Michelle Squires Michelle Squires
Faculty Finance Manager
+44 (0)1904 324520
Russell Grant

Russell Grant
Planning Officer (Sciences)

On secondment as Risk Manager
+44 (0)1904 324048


Ali Thompson 

Planning Officer (Sciences)

Simon Breeden
Head of Technical Services

Becky Bleaden
Faculty Executive Officer 

01904 324241

Faculty Support 

  Mandy Kenyon
Faculty Research Manager
01904 324604
Chris Charlton-Mathews
Faculty Impact Manager
01904 324605
Edith Caulfield
Faculty Marketing Manager
+44 (0)1904 323172
Nicola Clemmit photo Nicola Clemmit
Faculty Employability Manager 
+44 (0)1904 322923