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Carefully chosen subject combinations with a clash-free timetable

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Hi-tech flexible learning spaces dedicated to Natural Sciences students

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York is 10th for research impact in the REF 2014 

Offering you the skills to take on today's big scientific challenges

Our Natural Sciences degrees are exciting and challenging courses, offering you a flexible choice of subjects through research-led teaching to prepare you for a wide range of careers.

Built on our internationally-renowned expertise in diverse fields across the sciences our courses will inspire you to think big.

You will receive constant support and stimulation from research leaders in their field, and a degree that will equip you with a valuable toolkit of transferable skills that could see you making an impact in some of the following careers:

  • leading your own research team
  • playing a senior role in industry
  • helping shape public science policy
  • working with international agencies on global issue

All 4 interdisciplinary and 3 specialisation courses are available as BSc and MSci.

Year in Industry and Year Abroad programmes are available for many of our specialisation courses and there is also a new Placement Year available for all programmes.  

Archaeology, Biology, Chemistry, Environment

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(MSci or BSc) multidisciplinary degree studying 4 subjects in the first year, combining field and laboratory science

‌Specialising in Biophysical Science

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(MSci or BSc) Analysing biological systems with tools from modern physics

Specialising in Neuroscience 

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(MSci or BSc) studying brain function, including imaging and behavioural studies

Biology, Chemistry, Physics

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(MSci or BSc) multidisciplinary degree studying 3 experimental subjects in the first year 


Specialising in Mathematical Bioscience

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(MSci or BSc) Applying mathematics to predict the dynamics of the natural world 

Why Natural Sciences at York

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Experience exciting developments at the frontiers of modern science

Chemistry, Maths, Physics      

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(MSci or BSc) multidisciplinary degree studying 3 physical sciences in the first year 


Specialising in Nanoscience              

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(MSci or BSc) studying the importance and breath of application of the very small