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York Biomedical Research Institute

Drawing researchers together to drive fundamental research in biomedical and clinical science.

Our mission at the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI) is to advance discoveries in biomedical science, to inspire, train, and mentor the next generation of biomedical researchers. We aim to understand disease processes to positively impact health and wellbeing.

We host over 100 principal investigators whose expertise covers a range of disciplines, addressing biomedical challenges on regional, national and global scales.

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York Biomedical Research Institute
Department of Biology, Wentworth Way, University of York, York, YO10 5NG

We aim to unravel the secrets of chronic and infectious diseases using state-of-the-art technology and creative thinking. Our ambition is to carry out research that is relevant nationally and has global reach.

Professor Jeremy Mottram, Director of the York Biomedical Research Institute

Interdisciplinary research themes

Molecular and cellular medicine

Embraces how cells specialise to form and maintain healthy, functional tissues and the mechanisms that fail in chronic degenerative disease.

Immunology, haematology and infection

Covers cellular immunology, host-pathogen interactions, pathogen biology, and experimental and population haematology.


Spans research into molecular mechanisms to behaviour of the whole organism, while also embracing patient-based studies.

Research without boundaries

Our interdisciplinary research is carried out by both individual researchers and scientific teams. Our aims are to integrate techniques, concepts, and theories from multiple disciplines to advance fundamental understanding of biomedical problems. Our cross-theme topics are:

MSc by Research in Biomedical Science

This one-year research course in Biomedical Science provides an opportunity for graduates to complete a masters level course in a specific area of interest.

See programme details

PhD in Biomedical Science

Our PhD in Biomedical Science provides an opportunity for outstanding graduates with an interest in biomedical research.

See programme details

graphic illustration of white and red blood cells


Centre for Blood Research at York

Launched in July 2023, the Centre for Blood Research (CBR) is driving transformative blood research in the north of England.

Visit the CBR website

Skin Research Centre

Launching in September 2023, the Skin Research Centre, based in Hull York Medical School, brings together researchers with expertise in skin ageing and cancer, immunity, wound healing, infection and skin microbiome.

Visit the Skin Research Centre website

YBRI YouTube Channel

Check out our most recent videos uploaded to our YouTube channel, including international Biomedical Science seminars and public engagement activities!