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Centre for Blood Research at York

Driving transformative blood research in the north of England.

The Centre for Blood Research (CBR) at York aims to translate research into the clinic. 

Our mission is 'to further our understanding of disease development and to identify new disease biomarkers and therapeutic strategies to improve diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic benefit to patients'.

We are achieving this goal through connecting a diverse community of researchers and clinical staff.

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Centre for Blood Research

Research programmes

The Centre is at the forefront of a unique opportunity to have real-life impact on haematological malignancies. As part of the York Biomedical Research Institute, our current strategy is built around maintaining our research activities in discovery-based science and clinical epidemiology, whilst growing our capabilities in translational research using primary human samples and integrating more closely with clinical partners. 

Experimental haematology

Understanding mechanisms of disease development and haematopoietic (blood) stem cell biology. Harnessing this information to design effective treatments.


Improving patient-related outcomes through engagement with clinical departments. Implementing new treatments through clinical trials.


Using patient data to address key challenges relating to causes, treatment and outcomes. Analysing clinical samples and data as part of clinical trials spanning the entire spectrum of blood disorders.

Understanding the fundamental biology, and how people respond to current therapies, is crucial for the development of kinder, and more effective, treatments for people living with blood diseases.

Professor Ian Hitchcock, Director of the Centre for Blood Research.

York Research Journeys: Ian Hitchcock

Professor Ian Hitchcock is the Director of the Centre for Blood Research at York.

In his research journey, Ian talks about what inspired him to a life in haematological research, his determination to overcome challenges at school, and why, almost 25 years after starting out, he remains as focused as ever on finding ways to defeat cancer. 

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Centre for Blood Research