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The Institute of Mental Health Research at York

Bringing people together and sharing their knowledge and experiences to improve lives through better mental health.

A new beginning for mental health research at York

We’re proud to announce the launch of the Institute of Mental Health Research at York, a new home for the diverse and essential research we’ve been delivering in this area for many years.

The Institute of Mental Health Research epitomises our determination here at the University of York to bring together ambitious, enquiring academics and students with partners working at the forefront of mental health. The experiences and insights of the public inspire what we do and are at the heart of our work.

The Institute embraces University staff, students, alumni, donors and affiliates, who have ‘mental health’ as a common ground in their work.

We also bring together external partners and beneficiaries who have a vested interest in mental health, including the NHS and social care; education and academia; the justice system; the industry and business sector; charitable/voluntary organisations; communities and the general public.

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Our vision is to enhance the lives of all people affected by mental health problems, and to reduce the risk and impact of difficulties and disabilities linked to mental health. We do this by sharing the expertise and insights of people from different disciplines and with a wide range of life experiences.

Professor Lina Gega, Director, the Institute of Mental Health Research at York.

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