The Institute of Mental Health Research at York (IMRY) brings together and showcases the mental health work of staff and students from 22 academic units at the University across three faculties: Sciences, Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities.

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We have 67 members from the Sciences, 47 members from the Social Sciences and 25 members from the Arts and Humanities so far.

IMRY also supports the mental health work of colleagues from the Library's Digital Inclusion, Skills and Creativity team, the Borthwick Institute for Archives, PCMIS Health Technologies Ltd (a University of York trading company), Student Life and Wellbeing Services, the Office for Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA), Involvement@York, and City College University of York Europe Campus

Zoom in the graph below:We have 4 members from the Library and Archives:DISC and The Borthwick, 4 members from the City College, 3 members form the Student Wellbeing Services, 2 members from the PCIMS HealthTechnologies Ltd, 2 members from the Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni and 1 member from the Human Resources so far.

Moreover, IMRY members have external partnerships and working relationships with academic and higher education institutions; public sector and government-funded organisations - including the NHS, local authorities, schools, colleges, social care settings, frontline emergency services and the criminal justice system; charities and the voluntary sector; businesses and the private sector; membership-based organisations and networks; public and service user representatives.

Learn more about our members

We ask our members to tell us in 60 seconds what has motivated them to become involved in mental health research, what keeps them involved and what their top tips are for good mental health. You can read the interviews by clicking on the profiles below.

If you want to contact a member directly, please use their email which can be found in their personal profile. 

IMRY University of York members

Please search for a member by faculty and academic department, by professional support services and by students across all faculties.


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Office of Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA)

PCMIS Health Technologies Ltd

IMRY honorary members

If you would like to join the IMRY Community and support interdisciplinary mental health research, please complete our one-page template (60 seconds interview form (MS Word , 20kb) and email it to

Membership benefits

  • A 60-second interview profile on the membership section of the IMRY website which also links to personal web profile(s) and associated research projects.
  • Potential to have your work showcased in the IMRY monthly featured research, "In The Spotlight this month".
  • Potential to have your work showcased at IMRY events.
  • Potential to be involved in co-designing IMRY events around your areas of interest.
  • Opportunity to be introduced to other IMRY members with complementary interests and expertise.
  • Prompt information about relevant funding opportunities.