Directorate of Technology, Estates and Facilities (DTEF)

Our mission is to develop and deliver an exceptional physical and digital environment in which to learn, live and work.

Our role is to provide services and facilities to meet both the core operational needs and interdisciplinary requirements of the University and wider community, while supporting the delivery of the University's strategic objectives:

  • Curiosity-driven and action-oriented research
  • Education that empowers
  • Local commitment on a global scale
  • Community without limits

The Directorate comprises multiple divisions that work across the physical and digital landscape, delivering collaborative solutions across Information Technology, Estates Development, Estates Operations, and University-wide Facilities.

IT Services

The department is responsible for the provision of services to the University community of around 25,000 students and staff:

  • Delivering services that are secure, reliable and resilient and, above all, serve the University’s mission and desire to be world leading
  • Continually developing new services to meet changing user needs, providing first-line IT support and facilitating business change and process improvement
  • Providing the wired and wireless network infrastructure, devices and telephony, and managing our high-speed link to the internet
  • Responsible for providing services to support research in the form of large scale data storage, high performance computing and specialist training
  • Providing services to support around 8,000 centrally-managed PCs used in classrooms for student use and in offices for staff, including the deployment and support of standard office applications and specialist software to support teaching and research including AV Services
  • Responsible for providing the technical infrastructure underpinning many of the University's core enterprise systems, such as the virtual learning environment, web site, student record system, finance and HR systems

Estates Development / Estates Operations

The Estates Development Team is responsible for the ownership and development of the campus, as well as supporting the wider DTEF teams:

  • Ownership and custodianship of the University Campus Plan
  • Ownership and delivery of the Strategic Estate Plan, the Conservation Management Plan and Landscape Management Plan
  • Ownership and delivery of the capital programme & managing external consultant teams
  • Supporting and assisting emerging design and construction projects requested by the faculties
  • The hard and soft landscape setting across all areas of campus
  • Guiding, briefing and informing colleagues on construction contracts, building regulations & town planning legislation
  • Construction health and safety and delivering construction outcomes from the Accessibility Working Group

Estates Operations are responsible for providing a fit for purpose estate, including:

  • Providing assurance that the University estate is maintained and operated in accordance with relevant Health & Safety and other legal requirements
  • Planning for future utility and maintenance demands and efficient delivery of  services to optimise the use of the University’s buildings and grounds
  • Planning and delivery of the estate aspects of University current and future environmental sustainability objectives
  • Provision and upkeep of the infrastructure for the delivery, management and reporting of utilities
  • The effective management of the University’s property portfolio

Accommodation, Campus and Commercial Services

Facilities manage and maintain a range of critical resources across campus, including: