About the Directorate of Estates and Campus Services (DECS)

Our mission within the Directorate of Estates and Campus Services (DECS) is to create an excellent environment in which to learn, live and work.

Our role is 'to provide services and facilities to the core business of the University and the wider University community’. We monitor service levels, ensuring that we deliver these safely, to a high quality, and in a timely manner to meet the University’s operational needs.

Areas of service delivery

DECS is split into three main areas of service delivery, each overseen by a Director.

Estates Operations 

Are responsible for providing a 'fit for purpose estate', ensuring:

  • well-planned operations and maintenance of the University’s Buildings and Grounds, whilst meeting environmental sustainability objectives;
  • the efficient provision of requisite infrastructure and of utility supplies;
  • that the University’s Estate meets health, safety and other statutory compliance requirements;
  • the effective management of the University’s property portfolio.

Estates Development

Leads the sustainable development of the campus:

  • setting out the vision, master plan framework, estate strategy and design standards for the campus;
  • forms and manages the programme of investment projects, including for new buildings, infrastructure and the refurbishment of existing assets to meet the needs of the University.

Campus Services

Oversees a range of critical services to deliver a great experience for students, staff and hosted businesses:

  • ensuring the efficient allocation of University space through managing the University’s residential accommodation service, learning spaces (timetabling, room bookings and audio visual technology), space audit and space planning activity;
  • providing effective facilities services including cleaning, travel and mail room services;
  • leading highly-engaging customer relationship teams, through operating a range of receptions, and the Facilities Helpdesk;
  • ensuring teams in business systems, marketing and communications, recruitment, training and general administration support the best possible decision making across DECS.

DECS Values

Core values are what support the achievement of our vision, shape the culture and reflect what we as an organisation value. They are the essence of Estates and Campus Services. Our core values are the underlying principles that create the working environment for Estates and Campus Services to run smoothly. 

By stating our values, we will create an environment where all staff are aware of the expected behaviour at work and of the opportunity to openly question behaviour that is contrary to our shared Estates and Campus Services values. 

  • Honesty - we will be honest, consistent and fair in our dealings with our colleagues. 
  • Diversity - we will be welcoming, inclusive and treat others fairly regardless of race, religion and belief, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, pregnancy and maternity, and marriage and civil partnership status. 
  • Team Spirit - as individuals, we contribute to building a common team spirit by maintaining positive and professional relationships with all of our colleagues. 
  • Service Excellence - we take pride in the standard of our work and strive to continuously improve the quality of the service we deliver. 
  • Appreciating Effort - we value and demonstrate appreciation for the efforts of all team members in achieving our goals.
  • Accountability - we acknowledge our responsibility and have the courage to challenge behaviour that is not consistent with our core values and are committed to supporting colleagues to achieve high standards of behaviour.