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Who to contact in the Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) Team

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a well-established programme which helps organisations improve their competitiveness, productivity, performance and profitability by tapping into the knowledge, skills and expertise in UK universities. The KTP Team supports academics and businesses through every stage of this process. 



Dr Rukmal Abeysekera
Knowledge Transfer Manager 
01904 321124

  • Head of KTP team
  • Responsible for strategic management and reporting of the KnowledgeTransfer Partnership (KTP) programme
  • Partnership development and pre- and post-award management of KTP project
Rukmal Abeysekera

Tracy Dancer
KTP Project Manager 
01904 328681

  • Partnership development for KTP projects
  • Pre- and post-award management of KTP projects
Tracy Dancer 

Emma Urjasova
Knowledge Transfer Administrative Assistant
01904 321128

  • Administrative support for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) programme
  • Support Head of KTP team and KTP Manager on pre- and post-award administration of KTP projects
  • Ensure controls are in place to deliver accuracy, efficiency and timeliness