Research Equipment at York

This web page is part of a central resource for University of York research equipment information. The data that underpin this resource are held in the Planon database.

This has been initiated in response to the 2010 Wakeham report on financial sustainability and efficiency in higher education institutions by placing greater emphasis on the demonstration of need for new research equipment purchases. A central database of research equipment will provide evidence to justify equipment resource requested in grant applications.

With more straightforward access to campus-wide research equipment information, the University will be able to improve its planning for major equipment replacement and strategically important purchases

How can I use the database?

At present only a limited number of users can access the system to add or edit items.
Authorised and trained Planon users in departments are able to use this part of the system - please see below for your Planon-trained departmental contact.

A web-based Planon search tool can be located at: https://www.york.ac.uk/staff/admin/ under Inventory Asset Enquiry. At present this is for authorised users only (under review).
If you wish to request access to the search tool, please inform the FM systems team.

Department Contacts

Chemistry: Graeme McAlllister ; graeme.mcallister@york.ac.uk 01904 322527
Biology: Lucy Hudson; lucy.hudson@york.ac.uk 01904 328745
Physics: Teresa Gibbs; tersesa.gibbs@york.ac.uk 01904 322201
Environment: Dave Hay 01904 324071
Electronics: Pete Turner 01904 322411


Equipment Sharing


The creation of the N8 equipment database and a sharing toolkit to assist institutions with the operational issues around equipment sharing.

An EPSRC funded national database in response to the need to improve visibility and utilization of UK research equipment is hosted by the University of Southampton. The National Equipment Database now lists items from over 40 research centres and institutions.

What if my equipment is not on any of the external databases, or the information is incorrect?

Please inform your departmental Planon user. New records added to Planon and corrections made to existing records will carry through to the N8 and National research equipment databases during the overnight data feed.

Who is involved?

All departments have identified staff responsible for asset content in Planon (above). Centrally, the key people involved are:
Rebekah Desport Faculty of Science Operations Manager for any general project queries, questions or suggestions.
Mark Barber Planon Systems Development, IT Services, 01904 328204 for technical enquiries.
Peter O'Toole; peter.otoole@york.ac.uk   Head of Imaging and Cytometry Facility,Technology Facility, 01904 328722, Adviser on Equipment Sharing Processes.