How to claim expenses

The regulations that detail what you are allowed to claim are set out in the University Travel and Expenses Policy including a helpful Frequently asked questions section.

We recommend that you read the Travel and Expenses Policy to understand what you can and cannot claim before you incur any expenditure.

Bank details forms

If this is your first claim, or your bank details have changed since a previous claim, please complete a bank details form and submit this with your expenses claim form:

Expenses claim forms

Coding expense claims

  • Account: Mandatory and specifies the type of expense (a list of account codes is provided below)
  • Analysis: Optional
  • Workorder: Mandatory and determines where the expenses will be charged to
  • Amount to pay: Enter the full gross amount to pay. The total should match the amount of money the claimant is to be paid. Use to convert all foreign currency to Pound Sterling. You should use the exchange rate that is given on the day you are submitting the claim. If you're submitting an overseas visitors claim specify the currency to be used and fill in the amount to pay using that currency.
  • Example form - normal claim (MS Excel , 46kb)

Fully VAT recoverable projects only 

This should only be completed where the expenses are charged to a project where they are fully VAT recoverable. The VAT team can assist if needed.

Commonly used account codes

Account code, description

  • 2101, UK Travel - Air
  • 2102, UK Travel - Rail/ Coach/ Bus/ Tram/ Ferries/ Underground
  • 2103, UK Travel - Vehicle Hire
  • 2104, UK Travel - Fuel
  • 2105, UK Travel - Car Mileage
  • 2106, UK Travel - Motorcycle / Bicycle
  • 2107, UK Travel - Taxis
  • 2108, UK Travel - Other
  • 2109, Overseas Travel - Air
  • 2110, Overseas Travel - Other
  • 2111, UK Travel - Hotels / Accommodation
  • 2112, UK Travel - Meals and Subsistence
  • 2113, Carbon Offsetting
  • 2114, Overseas Travel - Rail/ Coach/ Bus/ Tram/ Ferries/ Underground
  • 2115, Overseas Travel - Vehicle Hire / Fuel
  • 2116, Overseas Travel - Meals and Subsistence
  • 2117, Overseas Travel - Taxis
  • 2118, Overseas Travel - Hotels/ Accomodation
  • 2119, Overseas Travel - Car Mileage/ Motorcycle/ Bicycle
  • 2209, Telephones/Fax

Completing your expenses claim

Once your expenses form has been completed attach all receipts to the back of the form and send it to the person who authorises your expenses for approval.  For research projects this is usually your Principal Investigator; for any other staff your line manager should authorise your expenses.

Authorisers - please send the form as follows:

  • The Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electronics, Environment & Geography, Health Sciences, Physics, Psychology and Social Policy and Social Work, Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media, the Hull York Medical School and IT Services - to the department’s finance team for checking before being sent to the Accounts Payable team.
  • In any other department, send it directly to the Accounts Payable team in Finance for processing.

The cut off time each week for receipt of claims in Accounts Payable is 5.00pm on Friday, with payment being made on the Friday of the following week.

Business travel

Find information about how to book business travel including accommodation, car hire and travel insurance on the Business travel page.

Mileage rates

Staff Car 45p per mile for the first 10,000 miles; 25p per mile thereafter
Staff Motorcycles and mopeds 24p per mile for all mileage
Staff Bicycle 20p per mile for all mileage
Visitors Car 45p per mile for all mileage
Interviewees Car 23p per mile for all mileage


For further help and guidance, book onto the Processing and approving expenses training course via the Learning Management System (LMS).


If you have any questions please contact your department's admin team or your Management Accountant.

For questions about payment dates or amending bank details please contact the Accounts Payable team:

For questions about University Expense Policy Compliance please contact, Financial Accountant and Compliance Officer.