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LFA short courses in term 3

Do you want to learn or practise a language at a relaxed pace in an informal setting?

Then one of our short courses should meet your needs.

Our short courses :

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Learn a new language or take your language skills to the next level with one of the University of York’s Languages for All (LFA) courses. We offer courses in around 14 languages, from Medieval Latin to Spanish, from Arabic to Chinese. All of our courses are delivered by staff from the University of York’s Department of Language and Linguistic Science. Whether you are a student, a member of staff or a member of the public, we have a course for you. 

LFA teaching update

LFA teaching in term 2 - year-long courses

All of our year-long courses will offer one-hour of online live teaching per week (timetabled) plus one-hour of asynchronous learning activities (not timetabled; learners work through materials and activities in their own time, communicating via online tools and technology with each other and the language tutor, who provides regular feedback).


Students’ performance will be monitored through formative work throughout the year and assessed via an end of year online exam. Assessment details will be available by the start of the module.

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