Accessibility statement

Change mode of attendance

Full-time to part-time or part-time to full-time



Students may be able to switch from the part-time attendance mode to the full-time and vice versa where needed. Not all departments offer part-time study so you will need to check with your department. You should first speak with your supervisor and discuss the options available to you. This decision should not be taken lightly and it is essential that you understand the implications that this may have.

If a part-time version of your course does not already exist, Special Cases approval will be required. Please speak with your academic department for more information.

Changing your status will affect your expected end date, fulfilment of the requirements for the University's minimum period of registration and also the tuition fees payable for the remainder of your study at the University of York.

You should be aware that changing your mode of attendance may also affect your entitlement to financial support, visas, accommodation and council tax exemption. Help and advice are also available from the Student Support Office regarding issues such as the implications for student funding, tuition fees and accommodation.  

Please see the Considerations tab for more information.



A change in the mode of attendance will have an impact on the tuition fees due and timetable arrangements and will therefore require prior discussion with the department, and will require that Student Services be adequately informed.

Mode of attendance changes should commence on the first day of a semester.


If a student changes their mode at the beginning of the academic year, their tuition fees will be adjusted to the full/part time rate as appropriate. If they change their mode during any other semester, their fees will be calculated proportionally.

For more information see the Student Hub website.

Student Visa Holders 

The University does not sponsor students who are enrolled on a part time course.  Student Visa holding students who wish to change their mode of attendance should contact an Immigration Advisor for further advise. 

For more information please see the immigration information website.


Students are responsible for informing the University when requesting a change of mode of attendance if they receive funding from an external source (ie Research Council funding, foreign loans, etc.). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that the change in mode of attendance is compatible with the regulations of any granting agency from which funding would normally be received, and that such agencies are informed of the change. Extending studies or changing their mode of attendance, particularly for Postgraduates, could have serious implications on their funding. It is especially important to check the implications if their funding is provided through Student Finance England (the Student Loans Company) as they may be ineligible for further funding and may have to repay part of their loan.

If a student is a University of York or external scholarship holder, they should check the terms of their award before requesting a formal change to mode of attendance since there may be implications for their scholarship.

A change in mode of attendance can impact bursary eligibility. Please consult the Bursary webpages

Foreign loans

If a student has a student loan from outside of University, they should clarify the consequences that such a mode change might have on their status and eligibility.

Externally funded scholarships (eg Research Council studentships)

If a student’s studies are supported by an external funder (e.g. Research Councils) any change to mode of attendance may have funding implications. For example, if an overpayment occurs as a result of a change of the mode of study, they may be liable to repay payments on a pro-rata basis.

Before requesting a formal mode of attendance change we recommend that students:

  • Speak to their department/supervisor, and
  • Check the specific terms and conditions of their funding, and
  • Seek further guidance from the Student Advisors in the Student Hub. 


Students who are changing their mode of attendance to part-time are not eligible to remain in University Accommodation. They must complete a Request to Vacate form and give notice to vacate their room.

For further information please see the Accommodation Services website.

Council tax

Students changing their mode of attendance to full-time may be eligible for Council Tax Exemption.

Part-time students are not exempt from Council Tax, either during or after their period of part-time enrolment- this extends to the full household where the student is resident. 

For more information please see the Council tax website.

Independent Students 

A change in mode of attendance may have significant implications for independent students. Independent Students are strongly encouraged to seek further advice from the University’s dedicated contact for independent students - contact details can be found on the webpages for Estranged Students and Care Experienced Students.


How to apply

If you wish to apply for a change to your mode of attendance, you should approach your supervisor and discuss your options and possible implications. It is your responsibility to take note of any advice given to you during discussions about changing mode of attendance.

If your department agrees to the mode of attendance change, you should then complete Part A on the Mode of Attendance Form and email it to your supervisor. Your supervisor and department will then complete the remaining sections of the form and forward it to Student Services for processing.

 Please ensure that the following information is included:

  • Your current student identification number (which can be found on the back of your student card);
  • An explanation of why you wish to change your mode of attendance;
  • State if you are receiving any sort of outside funding (eg Research Councils, foreign student loans, etc. Also see the Funding section in the Criteria tab on this page);
  • If you are a research student, you must also include coherent and realistic plan for the completion and submission of the thesis within the required period.

If you are emailing the form, it must be sent from your York email address. You can forward your University email account to another email address but any correspondence to the University must be sent from your University of York email address.

Until formal approval is given, you will remain registered on your current programme and will be expected to comply with all its requirements, including attendance at all classes.

If your application is successful, you will receive a change in mode of attendance email confirmation to your University of York email account, confirming the start date of your new mode of attendance, and any conditions required.

For further information please see the Special Cases Progress Case Policy.

Who to contact

For academic progress issues you should talk to your supervisor.

You may also find the following contacts helpful:

  • Student Welfare Advisor
  • Student Support Office
  • Disability Services
  • Immigration Advice Service
  • International Student Support
  • Student Financial Support
  • Research funding councils

See our  page for further details.