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Ethics Committee

Terms of referencejavascript:;

Terms of reference

  1. To consider and advise on ethical issues referred by the following: Council; any committee of Council; the Vice-Chancellor, heads of departments, centres or research units; the ethics committees of departments, centres or research units.
  2. To report to Council its findings in respect of 1 above.
  3. On behalf of Council, to consider and, if appropriate, approve work which requires the approval of a University ethics committee before it can receive external authorisation to proceed.
  4. To consider annual reports from departmental ethics/research and teaching committees on their consideration of ethical issues.
  5. To review, on request of Council and in the context of contemporary best practice, the mechanisms and procedures at departmental level for identifying and considering ethical issues arising from teaching and/or research.


Membership 2018/2019

Academic staff appointed by Council:
  • VACANCY (Chair) 

Lay members:


One undergraduate representative appointed by the Students' Union:

  • Ms Steph Hayle (YUSU Wellbeing and Community Officer)

One postgraduate representative appointed by the Graduate Students' Association:

  • Ms Sehrish Shafi

In attendance:

  • Professor Deborah Smith, Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
  • Ms Joanna Horsburgh, Registrar and Secretary
  • Ms Heidi Fraser-Krauss, Deputy Registrar

Meeting dates

Ethics Committee meeting dates 2018/2019

  • Friday 26 October at 09.15am


Departmental/Subject Ethics Committees