Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Vision
Being an international, research-led University relies on equality in participation, progression and success for all. We will foster a working and learning environment that will attract and develop all our staff and students to enable them to achieve and fulfil their potential.

Our commitment to Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
We commit to working together to create a University community where diversity is recognised, valued and celebrated. We will proactively advance equality and inclusive practice in our research activity, in our teaching, within the campus environment and experiences offered to all our staff and student community.


University News

Introduction of all gender toilets on campus

The University is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all staff, students and visitors, and this commitment extends to the provision of facilities that are inclusive for trans* and non-binary people.  From September 2017, all gender toilet facilities are being introduced at key locations across campus.

“This is a positive step forward to support and recognise our trans and non-binary community.”
Kevin Whelan (Head of Estates Operations) and Maria Ayaz (Head of Equality and Diversity)

"We should all be leading the way in making sure that all members of the university feel comfortable and included. I am proud that York is taking this positive step forward to show we are united in our diversity. This is an important first step for the trans and non-binary community."
(Mia Shantana Chaudhuri - Julyan, YUSU Community and Wellbeing Officer)

See additional information, including a full list of room numbers for these facilities on campus.

Estates Services and Equality and Diversity Office

* Trans is used as an umbrella term.  It includes trans men and women, non-binary people and dual role people (Equality Challenge Unit).



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