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Copying service

We offer a copying service to supply copies of original or microfilmed documents we hold.

We aim to complete all copying orders within 30 working days of receipt of payment.

Help us deal with your order swiftly - contact us beforehand with the nature of your order and supply references if you have them.

We can't perform extensive research in order to locate a document in our care as part of our copying service.

For copyright reasons, we can only supply copies for personal and private study use. For alternative usage, such as to publish images we have supplied, please contact us.

Please note, under some exceptional circumstances copying may be restricted for preservation, copyright or Data Protection reasons.

Submit your order online:


Microfilm Entry Copies/
Registered paper copies**
£7.50 per entry

Both paper and digital for parish register/probate entries/marriage bonds.

Additional postage for paper*.

General reprographics £1/image (min charge £7.50) This applies to all copying and there will no longer be a 'bulk charge' for copying.
Original probate files £13.50  Both paper and digital. Additional postage for paper*.
Ordination papers


Additional postage for paper*

Patient records from our Hospital Archives £15

For customers wishing to order copies of Patient Records from our Hospital archives (pre-Data Protection Act).

Where they survive, we can now supply a copy of a patient's Admission and Case note records for a combined price of £15 (digital only).

Postage charges

*Our set postage charges are:

  • UK postage: £1.50
  • International postage: £3.50 - costs for large or bulk orders may vary

**Please contact us for details of our pricing for bulk orders or orders not classified as Parish register/Probate/Marriage bond entries.