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We have produced a number of series including monographs, collected essays, guides to archival resources, and guides to published research.  For over 50 years we have been publishing quality books about the history of Yorkshire and the north of England.

Please get in touch if you have research that you think may make a good future Borthwick publication, you can reach our publications department at, or see Information for authors and editors for more information.


Borthwick Papers

The Borthwick papers are a series of short monographs dealing with an aspect of history in the north of England. New papers are released one to two times per year.

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Borthwick Texts and Studies

Book cover: The Foundation History of the Abbeys of Byland and Jervaulx, by Janet Burton (Borthwick Text and studies 35)

This publication includes editions and studies of historical sources.

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Borthwick Palaeography Guides

Book cover: Reading the Past: Medieval Handwriting, by PM Hoskin and SL Slinn

This small collection of practical guides offers help to those learning to read historic handwriting.

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Borthwick Studies in History

This publication comprises of a collection of conference proceedings

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Borthwick Lists and Indexes

This publication comprises of guides to archive records held at the Borthwick.

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Monastic Research Bulletin

Monastic Research Bulletin cover detail, no. 2 1996

Newsletter for anyone interested in monastic studies (historical, archaeological, art historical, literary etc). 

Note that this bulletin has now been discontinued.

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