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Information for trade customers

Borthwick papers (ISSN 0524-0913)

Trade discount

  • Orders of 1 or 2 volumes 25%
  • Orders of 3 or more volumes 3313% discount

An Institutional Subscription to Borthwick Papers runs from January to December.

During the subscription year two Borthwick Papers are published, normally at around Easter and just before Christmas.

The cost for an Institution is £12 per annum. The discounted price for library suppliers is £8 per annum.

Papers going overseas are despatched by surface mail. If your customer would like Airmail delivery we can arrange that at a small extra cost.

If you would like to set up a subscription, please let us know. Payment can be made in advance (before Easter), or if you prefer, we will send you an invoice with the first issue of the year.

We can usually supply back numbers.

Borthwick Texts and Studies (ISSN 1748-9474)

Standing orders for Borthwick Texts and Studies are welcome.

We usually publish one or two titles a year.

Orders and payment

Customers wishing to pay an invoice can now do so online.

Please visit the University Online Store, select Product Catalogue, then Borthwick Institute Store, then Books, Borthwick Subscriptions.

You will need your invoice reference number.

To place an order, or for more information please Contact us.