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Borthwick Papers

The Borthwick papers are a series of short monographs dealing with an aspect of history in the north of England. New papers are released one to two times per year.

Borthwick Papers are obtainable for an annual subscription of £7 post free (price for personal subscribers). The price of individual booklets ranges from £4 to £10 - click on the relevant link below to see the price of each item - an additional £1.50 is required for postage.

133 James Pigott Pritchett (1789-1868). Edward Royle, 2023
131 The road to insurrection in the industrial West Riding 1819-1820, John Baxter and Joseph Stanley, 2022.
130 George Howard, Lord Howard of Henderskelfe: A Life in Yorkshire and Beyond, Christopher Ridgway, 2022.
129 Richard III as Duke of Gloucester: A Study in Piety, Michael Hicks, 2020.
128 Respectability and Popular Movements in Early Victorian York, Charles Walter Masters, 2017.
127 Josiah Collier of Yeadon (1595-1677): West Riding Grindletonian and Disciple of Roger Brereley, Oliver Pickering, 2017.
126 Eric James and the Founding of the University of York, Allen Warren, 2017.
125 George Harris and the Marketing Revolution at Rowntree, Ralph A. Kaner, Dec. 2015. (currently out of print)
123/4 Rugby, Football and the Working Classes in Victorian and Edwardian York, Charles Walter Masters, 2015.
122 Framing Grief: War Memorials and Public Commemoration in York 1914-25, Bleddyn Penny.
121 York Castle: the county gaol of Yorkshire 1823-1877, Marion Eames.
120 Landscape and Society in the Vale of York, c.1500-1800, Brodie Waddell, December 2011.
119 Indulgences in the Preformation Diocese of York, R N Swanson, 2011.
118 The Camidges of York: Five Generations of a Musical Family, David Griffiths, 2010.
117 A Church Scandal in Victorian Pickering, Edward Royle, 2010.
116 The Gilbertine Priory of Watton, Michael Stephenson, 2010.
115 Oliver Sheldon and the Foundations of the University of York, Katherine A Webb, 2009. (out of print) Available Google Books
114 Impotence and Virginity in the Late Medieval Ecclesiastical Court of York, Bronach Kane, Dec. 2008. (out of print)
113 The Use of York: Characteristics of the Medieval Liturgical Office in York, Matthew Cheung Salisbury, Dec. 2008. Look inside the book (PDF , 352kb)
112 Quaker Extension c. 1905-1930: The Yorkshire 1905 Committee, Mark Freeman, 2008. (out of print) Look inside the book (PDF , 30kb)
111 The Foundation of Nostell Priory, 1109-1153, Judith A Frost, 2007. Look inside the book (PDF , 169kb) (out of print)
110 The Militant Suffragette Movement in York, Krista Cowman, 2007, ISBN 978-1-904497-21-9 Look inside the book (PDF , 164kb)
109 The Church Courts 1660-720: the Revival of Procedure, Barry Till, 2006. 34pp. Look inside the book (PDF , 116kb)
108 The Religious Census of 1851 in Yorkshire by John Wolffe, 2005. 
107 York and the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 by Jonathan Oates. (out of print)
106 Bolton Priory: its patrons and benefactors, 1120-1293 by Katrina Legg. 2004.
105 Chartism in the North Riding of Yorkshire and south Durham, 1838-1848 by RP Hastings 2004.
104 The Shrewsbury Hospital, Sheffield, 1616-1975 by John Roach. 2003.
103 Unitarianism, philanthropy and feminism in York 1782-1821: the career of Catherine Cappe by Helen Plant. 2003.
102 Yorkshire Surnames and the Hearth Tax Returns of 1672-73 by David Hey & George Redmonds. 2002. (out of print) Look inside the book (PDF , 423kb)
101 Clergy Training in Victorian York: The Schola Archiepiscopi at Bishopthorpe, 1892-1898, by Douglas Emmott. 2002.
100 Archbishop Thomas of Bayeux and the Norman Cathedral at York by Christopher Norton. 2001.
99 Catholic Childhoods: Catholic Elementary Education in York, 1850-1914 by Suzanne Roberts. 2001.
98 The Nunnery of Nun Appleton by Marjorie Harrison. 2000.
97 The Laity and the Church: Religious Developments in Beverley in the first half of the Sixteenth Century by David Lamburn. 2000.
96 York Friends and the Great War by David Rubinstein. 1999.
95 The Eighteenth-Century Church in Yorkshire. Archbishop Drummond's primary visitation of 1764 by Judith Jago and Edward Royle. 1999., see also Archbishop Drummond's Visitation Returns, Borthwick Texts and Studies 12, 23 and 26.
94 The Anglican Clergy and Yorkshire Politics in the Eighteenth Century by Richard Hall and Sarah Richardson. 1998. (out of print)
93 The Franciscans in the Medieval Custody of York by Michael Robson. 1998.
92 'The Readiness of the People': The Formation and Emergence of the Army of the Fairfaxes, 1642-3 by AJ Hopper. 1997.
91 John Wesley and Whitestonecliffe, Yorkshire by Roger G Cooper. 1997.
90 Medical Practice in Medieval York by Philip Stell. 1996.
89 The Inevitable March of Labour? Electoral Politics in York 1900-1914 by RI Hills. 1996. (out of print)
88 The Face of the Pastoral Ministry in the East Riding, 1525-1595 by Peter Marshall. 1995.
87 'Romeo and Juliet of Stonegate': a medieval marriage in crisis by Frederik Pederson. 1995.
86 Kirkham Priory from Foundation to Dissolution by Janet E. Burton. 1994.
85 Brass Bands in York 1833-1914 by Ian Jones. 1995. (out of print)
84 York against Durham: The Guardianship of the Spiritualities in the Diocese of Durham Sede Vacante by Barry Till. 1993.
83 Kinship and Inheritance in Early Modern England: Three Yorkshire Parishes by W. Coster, 1993, available Google Books
82 Marriage and Murder in Eleventh-Century Northumbria: A study of 'De Obsessione Dunelmi' by CJ Morris. 1992.
81 Witchcraft in Seventeenth-Century Yorkshire: Accusations and Counter Measures by JA Sharpe. 1992.
80 Quakerism in York, 1650-1720 by David Scott, 1980, available Google Books
79 Cremetts and Corrodies: Care of the Poor and Sick at St Leonard's Hospital, York, in the Middle Ages, P.H. Cullum, 1991, available Google Books
78 Domesday York by David Palliser, 1990 available Google Books
77 The Liberty of St Peter of York 1800-1838 by Adrian Leek. 1990.
76 The Rise and Fall of the York Whig Club 1818-1830 by Peter Brett. 1989.
74 "One of the Most Useful Charities in the City": York Dispensary, 1788-1988 by Katherine webb, 1988, available Google Books
72 The St Christopher and St George Guild of York by Eileen White. 1987.
71 Cosy Co-operation under Strain: Industrial Relations in the Yorkshire Woollen Industry 1919-1930 by Christopher Wrigley. 1987, available Google Books
70 Richard III as Duke of Gloucester: a study in character, M.A. Hicks, 1986, available Google Books
69 From York Lunatic Asylum to Bootham Park Hospital by Anne Digby. 1986, available Google Books
67 Urban Magistrates and Ministers: Religion in Hull and Leeds from the Reformation to the Civil War by MC Cross. 1985.
65 Charity Schools and the Defence of Anglicanism: James Talbot, Rector of Spofforth 1700-08 by RW Unwin. 1984.
64 The Victorian Church in York by E Royle. 1983.
62 Pastoral Structure and the Church Courts: The Hexham Court 1680-1730 by MG Smith. 1982.
59 Confiscation and Restoration: The Archbishopric Estates and the Civil War by IJ Gentles and WJ Sheils. 1981, available Google Books
57 The General Strike in York by RI Hills. 1980. (out of print)
56 Yorkshire Nunneries in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries by Janet.E. Burton, 1979,  (out of print) Available Google Books
49 York Civic Ordinances 1301 by M Prestwich. 1976.
48 The Oxford Movement and Parish Life: St Saviour's Leeds 1839-1929 by WN Yates. 1975. (out of print)
47 The Revival of the Convocation of York 1837-1861 by DA Jennings. 1975.
45 The Jews of Medieval York and the Massacre of March 1190 by RB Dobson, 2nd ed. 1996. ISBN 0-903857-86-3. £5.00 + £1.50 P&P. See also The Jewish Communities of Medieval England
44 Henry Swinburn (?1551-1624): civil lawyer of York by J. Duncan M. Derrett, 1973, available Google Books
40 The Reformation in York by D.M. Palliser available Google Books
39 Christopher Wyvill and Reform 1790-1820 by JR Dinwiddy. 1971.
33 Anglian and Viking York by Rosemary Cramp (out of print) Available Google Books
32 Moorland & Vale-land Farming in North-East Yorkshire (PDF , 11,952kb) by B Waites, 1967
23 A. F. Leach as a Historian of Yorkshire Education by WE Tate. 1963. (out of print)
22 The Records of the Admiralty Court of York by JS Purvis. 1962.
10 Historians of York by J Biggins. 1956. (out of print)
The Medieval Registers of Canterbury and York (PDF , 4,967kb) by EF Jacob, 1953
The Beginnings of the Parochial System (PDF , 6,022kb) by GWO Addleshaw, 1953
The Archives of York Diocesan Registry (PDF , 5,015kb) by JS Purvis, 1952