Accessibility statement

Requesting copies from our sound archives

We are happy to supply copies of recordings from our sound archives, but it is important to understand that many are subject to a variety of rights which might restrict our ability to make copies and your ability to use them.

All copies are supplied for private study only; further use of copies of recordings may not be made without prior written permission from the Borthwick. Please contact us if this is required.

Fees for making copies of recordings are negotiable, they depend on:

  • the nature and extent of the request
  • the quality of the copy required
  • the difficulty of the transfer work required to be performed

Where an existing copy exists fees will be lower than when no such copy has been made. Broadly, transfers from non-digital media work out at around £50 per hour.

Please note that an additional fee may be applied if the copy is intended for publication or other commercial use.