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White Rose Research Online

White Rose Research Online

White Rose Research Online (WRRO) is a shared, open access repository for the Universities of Leeds, Sheffield and York.

WRRO contains a growing collection of research outputs from across the Consortium and from a variety of different subject disciplines. These outputs include journal articles, conference papers, monographs and monograph chapters, and working papers.

How can I submit my published outputs?

Research and academic staff at the University of York can submit the full-text of their research outputs through PURE, the University's Current Research and Information System.

Research Students and Support staff are also welcome to deposit conference papers and articles with WRRO and can register directly with WRRO in order to do this.

WRRO has a connector for PURE, which means any full-text documents attached to research outputs in PURE will be passed to WRRO once they have undergone a copyright check.

Only those outputs that are marked 'public' will be sent to WRRO.

WRRO will then provide a public searchable interface to the content, long-term storage and a permanent URL.

Library staff will check the copyright status to ensure that the full-text can be made public.

Benefits of the repository

By acting as an insitutional repository, WRRO plays an important role in enabling the University's researchers to meet funder and REF Open Access requirements. For more information, see the Open Access web pages.

More general benefits of WRRO include:

  • providing a long-term store for articles;
  • making articles more visible to the outside world (eg via Google and Google Scholar);
  • providing a stable URL for the full text of articles.


For more information on Open Access and the role of WRRO, please contact the Library's Open Research team (email:

For any questions relating to WRRO or to full-texts sent to WRRO from PURE, please contact (in the first instance):

Alternatively, please contact White Rose Research Online support: