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Open research statement

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This statement provides University of York’s commitment to the values, principles and culture of open research. It encourages and supports staff and students to explore and engage with open research practices in their work and study, to maximise the possibility of public and academic impact.

What is open research?

The core idea behind open research is that all aspects of the research cycle should be shared and accessible where possible. Research should be as open as possible, as closed as necessary. Open research practice enables a wide range of audiences to freely discover and engage with our excellent research. It makes the research process transparent and creates new opportunities for outputs and methods to be reused, reproduced and credited. It generates an environment for more effective and efficient research, and a culture where open is the default.

Open research embeds values of inclusivity, diversity, integrity and accessibility in the research process. It is based in the belief that knowledge produces the greatest benefit when it exists in a commons, and that research produced through public funding should belong to and exist for the benefit of all.

The terms 'open research' and 'open science' are sometimes used interchangeably but are based on the same principles of collaboration and accountability which can be applied widely. Open research is relevant to all researchers, but its applications differ between disciplines.

Our commitment to open research

The University of York is committed to the long-term development of an open research culture in support of our research foundations. As part of this commitment, we have created strong governance structures for advancement of open research. We aim to actively create and pursue opportunities to grow and foster a values-driven, pluralistic, multi-faceted approach towards open research, embracing disciplinary differences and supporting our staff and students in the process.

We believe that all stages of the research lifecycle can potentially be made open, within the bounds of the terms and conditions associated with your research; this ranges from opening up research methodologies through to pre-registration, sharing notebooks, software and data, and publishing open access. Open practice encourages sharing of outcomes with the principle of being as open as possible, as early as possible. Open practice also extends into the teaching domain, for example in the production and dissemination of Open Educational Resources (OERs).

It is widely accepted that open practices allow for greater visibility and wider distribution of research. Open practices unlock access to knowledge and generate new opportunities for collaboration and participation.

Governance and support

The Open Research Strategy Group (ORSG) provides the strategic guidance and direction for open research activities at the University of York. It reports into the University Research Committee and makes recommendations to identify and address issues with services, infrastructure and policies, in order to enable and promote an open research culture. The Open Research Operations Group (OROG) reports into ORSG and works with colleagues across the University to foster a community of open research practice and to position ourselves to meet REF and funder requirements in this area.

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