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Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking and Feedback

The University's formal procedures relating to the conduct of assessment for taught programmes are embodied in the Ordinances and Regulations, principally Ordinance 6, and Regulation 5. The Guide to Assessment sets out supplementary policies and procedures that have been established through decisions taken in committee and through case law. It should be read in conjunction with the Ordinances and Regulations. Also included are summaries of the more important administrative procedures, although detailed information on specific procedures is circulated from time to time by Student Services. 

Unless stated otherwise, these procedures should be taken to apply to all assessments leading to awards of the University.

Each edition of the Guide to Assement, Standards, Marking and Feedback incorporates amendments to policies approved by the University Teaching Committee, the Special Cases Committee, the Standing Committee on Assessment and Senate during the previous academic year. The revised Guide is available to academic and administrative staff, students and external examiners.

Download the Guide to Assessment, Standards, Marking and Feedback, along with proofreading guidance. 

In accordance with the UK Standing Committee for Quality Assessment (UKSCQA) Statement of Intent (May 2019), the University has produced a Degree Outcomes Statement.