Research committee

Terms of reference

Terms of reference

  1. To advise Senate and the University Executive Board on all matters relating to the research strategy of the University, to support the development of the University's Research Strategy and to support the Vice-Chancellor, the University Executive Board and Pro-Vice-Chancellor(s) in driving the strategy forward.
  2. To identify priority areas for research, to champion and promote research excellence, and to develop, promote and monitor policies and practices to stimulate research programmes in the agreed areas.
  3. To set internal policy and monitor progress in response to external requirements (eg peer review processes, external research assessment).
  4. To advise the University Executive Board and Planning Committee on organisational structures for research, on the selective distribution of resources within the University in order to ensure appropriate alignment of resource allocation with research strategy, and where other initiatives within the University have implications for research activity.
  5. To support the University in its engagement with key external stakeholders relating to research, including business, industry, the government, cultural institutions and funding agencies.
  6. To monitor the research performance of the institution, departments in terms of research quality, financial sustainability (generation of research income), impact and research integrity drawing on national and international benchmarking data.
  7. To receive annual updates from departments on research activities and performance including research impact, in order to advise the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research on areas where improvements could be made, where there are significant risks and/or where new opportunities may be pursued.
  8. To monitor and influence the development of research policy and strategy of key national and international agencies in the interests of the University (eg HEFCE, Research Councils, European Union).
Reports to: Senate
Summaries of business sent to: University Executive Board & Planning Committee
Committees which report in to University Research Committee

       Faculty Research Groups (PDF  , 375kb)

Research Priming Fund Committee

Clinical Trials Sponsorship Committee

York Graduate Research School Board

Global Challenges Research Fund Steering Group

Research Excellence Framework (REF) Strategy Group 

Research Excellence Training Steering Group

Research Communications Strategy Group


Committee membership

  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research (Chair)
    • Professor Deborah Smith

  • The Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Partnerships and Knowledge Exchange)(ex officio)
    • Professor Jon Timmis
  • The Dean of the York Graduate Research School (ex officio)
    • Professor Tom Stoneham
  • The Deans of Faculty (ex officio)
    • Professor Brian Fulton (Sciences)
    • Professor Judith Buchanan (Arts and Humanities)
    • Professor Stuart Bell (Social Sciences)
  • The Faculty Associate Deans (Research) (ex officio)
    • Professor Colin Brown (Sciences)
    • Dr Kate Giles (Acting Associate Dean, Arts and Humanities) 
    • Professor Matthew Festenstein (Social Sciences)
  • The Director of Research and Enterprise (ex officio)
    • Dr Mark Mortimer
  • The Associate Director and Head of Research Services (ex officio)
    • Ms Jennifer Gilmartin
  • The Research Strategy and Policy Manager (ex officio)
    • Ms Anna Grey 


  • Three academic members from each Academic Faculty, normally with experience on Departmental Senior Management Teams. No two of these members should be from the same department.
    • Professor David Barnett (until September 2020)
    • Professor Nik Brown (until September 2018)
    • Professor Mathew Evans (until September 2021)
    • Professor Maria Goddard (until September 2021)
      Centre for Health Economics
    • Dr Mary Leng (until September 2018)
    • Professor William McGuire (until September 2018)
    • Professor Jenny Steele (until September 2020)
    • Professor Elizabeth Tyler (until September 2021)
    • Professor Piran White (until September 2020)
In attendance
  • Research Strategy and Policy Officer (Secretary)
    • Dr Alice Wakely 
Operational Procedures

Membership of University Research Committee:roles and responsibilities (PDF  , 207kb)

URC procedures for handling conflicts of interest (PDF  , 491kb)

URC proforma for annual declaration of interests (Word format) (MS Word  , 18kb)


Research committee minutes

In line with the University's Freedom of Information Policy, the minutes of the meetings will be made publicly available in the January after the end of the academic year in which the meetings took place. If you believe you should have access prior to this date, please contact the Secretary to the Committee.

Commercially sensitive content has been removed in accordance with provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. Full minutes are available for staff members only.


Meeting  Public access                           
15 June 2016  20160615PUBLIC (PDF  , 465kb)
20 April 2016  20160420PUBLIC (PDF  , 525kb)
9 March 2016  20160309PUBLIC (PDF  , 504kb)
27 January 2016  20160127PUBLIC (PDF  , 549kb)
9 December 2015 20151209PUBLIC (PDF  , 476kb)
4 November 2015  20151104PUBLIC (PDF  , 506kb)
29 September 2015  20150929PUBLIC (PDF  , 461kb)


Meeting  Public access                           
10 June 2015 20150610 Public (PDF  , 542kb)
21 April 2015  20150421 Public (PDF  , 413kb)
11 March 2015  20150311 Public (PDF  , 423kb)
14 January 2015  20150114 Public (PDF  , 378kb)
26 November 2014  20142611 Public (PDF  , 385kb)
15 October 2014  20141510 Public (PDF  , 395kb)


Meeting  Public access                           
11 June 2014 20141106 Public (PDF  , 527kb)
30 April 2014  20143004 Public (PDF  , 456kb)
19 March 2014  20141903 Public (PDF  , 381kb)
15 January 2014  20141501 Public (PDF  , 413kb)
20 November 2013  20132011 Public (PDF  , 551kb)
09 October 2013  20130910 Public (PDF  , 550kb)


Meeting  Public access                           
14 June 2013  20131406 Public (PDF  , 250kb)
13 March 2013  20131303 Public (PDF  , 244kb)
16 January 2013  20130116 Public (PDF  , 277kb)
 28 November 2012  20121128 Public (PDF  , 360kb)
 03 October 2012  20121003 Public (PDF  , 284kb)

2011 - 2012

MeetingPublic access
6 June 2012

11 April 2012

20121104 Public (PDF  , 382kb)

21 March 2012

20122103 Public (PDF  , 309kb)

1 March 2012

20120103 Public (PDF  , 357kb)

30 November 2011

20113011 Public (PDF  , 352kb)

19 October 2011

20111910 Public (PDF  , 376kb)


2010 - 2011

MeetingPublic access
8 June 2011

20110806 Public (PDF  , 388kb) 

23 March 2011

20112303 Public (PDF  , 327kb)

19 January 2011

20111901Public (PDF  , 343kb)

20 October 2010

20102010 Public (PDF  , 346kb)

Older minutes

For members

For committee members

Additional documents and information are available to members of the research committee.

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Who to contact

Meeting dates


  • Wednesday 27 September 2017 2.15pm, HG/17 Heslington Hall
  • Wednesday 15 November 2017 2.15pm, HG17 Heslington Hall
  • Tuesday 30 January 2018 10am, HG17 Heslington Hall
  • Wednesday 14 March 2018 9.30am,  HG17 Heslington Hall
  • Wednesday 2 May 2018 2.15pm, HG17 Heslington Hall
  • Wednesday 20 June 2018 2.15pmHG17 Heslington Hall


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