Dr Jamie Wood

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2007 - RCUK Fellow in Biological Complexity Department of Biology, University of York
2005 - 2007 Postdoctoral Research Assistant  Edinburgh
2004 Postdoctoral Research Assistant  Oxford
2002 - 2004 Royal Commission for Exhibition of 1851 Research Fellow Oxford
2002 PhD and DIC Imperial College, London
2000 MA University of Cambridge
1998 Part III Mathematics University of Cambridge
1997 BA Mathematics University of Cambridge 



My current research interests are in the field of complexity and emergent phenomena in biologically inspired models. This is primarily focused on understanding how we may use both computational and analytic techniques in statistical mechanics to further our knowledge of the stability and robustness of natural systems. This is a broad area, and my current work includes: extending models based on James Lovelock's Daisyworld parable including looking for links to established theories in quantitative genetics; investigating flocking or herding behaviour in animals, and how these systems can be related to models of network rewiring; developing primitive models of quorum sensing in bacteria, especially understanding spatial effects and how this may lead to biofilm formation.

My other interests are in the field of wetting and interfacial phenomena. In particular the fluctuation behaviour of interfaces and the effect of confining substrate walls and other alternate geometries. I have approached these problems both through exact results in the context of the two-dimensional Ising model, and also by effective Hamiltonian theories.


  • StoMP (Stochastic dynamical Modelling for Prokaryotic gene regulatory networks) (Funding body: BBSRC)
  • TRANSIT (Bridging the Gaps) (Funding body: EPSRC)

Research group(s)

Postdoctoral Research Associate Andrew Dean NERC: Evolutionary drivers...
PhD Student  Kazuki Iizuka Self funded
PhD Student Daniel Upton BBSRC DTP
PhD Student Michael Bottery CIDCATS
PhD Student Peter Fisher BBSRC DTP
PhD Student Sarah Rixham CIDCATS
PhD Student Cagla Stevenson NERC ACCE
PhD Student Megan Sorensen BBSRC DTP
PhD Student Rebecca Hall BBSRC DTP

Available PhD research projects

Computational investigation of microbial communities involved in methane production (2015-16)

The overall goal is to better understand microbial fermentation technology with a view to developing a sustainable approach for producing energy and other valuable products from waste biomass. The project will use mathematical modelling and computational approaches to investigate the complex interactions that occur in complex microbial communities, especially metabolite cross-feeding. The long term goal is to optimise the breakdown of variable or defined feedstocks in anaerobic digestion (AD) systems and to be able to manipulate the yield of particular fermentation end products (eg. alcohols, acids, gases).

Applicants should have a good first degree in a relevant physical/mathematical science, some experience in computer programming and an interest in the application of mathematical approaches to biological systems.




Dr Jamie Wood

Contact details

Dr Jamie Wood
Department of Biology
University of York
YO10 5DD

Tel: 01904 328650