Mathematics, statistics and computing provide the common language for the interdisciplinary research challenges of modern biology.

Our expertise crosses traditional subject boundaries and ranges biological scales from molecules to ecosystems.

We have very active research links across the University, including a range of interdisciplinary centres:

Our joint appointments with the departments of Mathematics and Computer Science further enable us to create exciting collaborations and to deliver research which is both creative and practical.

Orca pod


Our bioinformatics and mathematical biology research delivers positive benefits for industry, the environment and public health.

We focus on research that addresses three global challenges:

Research highlights


 Name Expertise
Kanchon Dasmahapatra
  • Speciation genomics
  • Genetic basis of adaptive traits
  • Molecular ecology

Katherine Denby

  • Plant disease resistance
  • Gene regulatory networks
  • Crop improvement with focus on leafy vegetables
Calvin Dytham
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Spatial pattern and dispersal
  • Agent-based models
Daphne Ezer
  • Gene expression dynamics over time and space
  • Relationships between genotypes, environments and phenotypes
  • Machine learning for sequencing data
Daniel Franks
  • Social behaviour and social networks
  • Life-history evolution
  • Behavioural ecology
Daniel Jeffares
  • Genome and molecular evolution
  • Microbial population genomics and quantitative genetics
  • UK:Brazil Joint Centre Partnership in leishmaniasis
Richard Law
  • Marine ecosystem dynamics
  • Spatial processes in ecology
  • Adaptive evolution
Jon Pitchford
  • Dynamical systems and stochastic processes
  • Marine ecosystems and fisheries dynamics 
  • Mathematical ecology
Elva Robinson
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Collective behaviour
  • Ecological impacts of social insects
Gavin Thomas
  • Chemicals resistance in microbial production chassis
  • Body odour formation in humans
  • Uptake and efflux of small molecules for industrial biotechnology
Reidun Twarock
  • Mathematical virology
  • Geometry, group theory and tiling
  • RNA virus assembly
Mark Williamson
  • Biological invasions
  • Macroecology and species abundance relationships
  • Population dynamics and cycles
Jamie Wood
  • Mathematical and computational methods
  • Systems biology
  • Microbial ecology and metabolism