By harnessing the power of nature, we're addressing some of this century's major global challenges.

We're developing novel products and processes to alleviate food shortages, mitigate climate change and provide market opportunities for industry and agriculture.

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We're tackling three global challenges with our research. Explore our other challenges:

We are tackling an unprecedented global environmental challenge: providing nutritious food for a growing population in a warming world, while protecting biodiversity and natural resources.

Our researchers are working on the scientific breakthroughs needed to develop crops that are resilient to changing environmental conditions, have enhanced pest and disease resistance, require reduced inputs such as water and fertiliser, and have better quality nutrient composition.

For the bioeconomy to develop and grow we require new technology for converting abundant agricultural crops and forest materials into useful products, while maintaining ecosystem services from these landscapes. 

We're using modern genomic technologies for fast-track breeding novel and traditional crops for producing fuel, food, materials and chemicals.

We also analyse the impacts of bio-derived products including ecological impacts of biofuels and oil palm plantations. We're developing new varieties of plants and microbes for sustainably manufacturing pharmaceuticals, chemicals and fuels.

We are taking interdisciplinary approaches to understand how the biological, physical and chemical components of soil interact and have an impact on plant growth, and how these components may be altered to increase soil health, facilitate reduced agriculture inputs and drive sustainable crop production.

We’re developing biological methods of crop protection as well as assessing how agriculture and environment policies impact food production.

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We're tackling three global challenges with our research. Explore our other challenges: